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Look what I brought you, – Alena smiled, returning to Kolya.
Alyona quickly dressed Kolya with a strange shirt without buttons. What a beauty! – She said, admiring the boy standing on the changing table.
Looking up from her occupation, Ira also looked at Kohl with a smile.

The boy blushed deeply, standing in one short shirt that did not even cover his navel.
Do you know why undershirts are so short? – turned Alena to Kohl, – So that the baby does not soak her, if described.
We have everything in the clinic, – added Ira, – Tights, sliders, vests.
And of course the diaper of the appropriate size.
Alena asked Kohl to sit down.
I’ll feed you now, ”she told the boy.
The food was the same as in the nursery. Free live sexe.

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