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I enthusiastically looked at her.
She raised herself up and kissed me.
I held my girl tightly to me.

I’m in love, I whispered in her ear.
And I am delighted, – she answered in a whisper.
I could not resist and again turned Sonia on his back.
Spread her legs and smoothly entered.
She wrapped her legs and arms around me and began to shower my shoulders and neck with short but hot kisses.
A few minutes later I felt that Sonya was gently pushing me away.
I stepped back, walked out of it, and with a puzzled look, sat down beside him.
What was my surprise when my little doll turned her ass to me, sank on its knees and, resting its arms on the bed, arched like a kitten and turned around.
For the first time in a day, I felt that it was not me who ruled the situation.
I obeyed the desire of my girl and crawled to the ass.
She removed her hair from the neck and lowered her head.
I leaned over and kissed the neck and shoulder.
Sonechka spread her little legs, and my cock rested against her wet pussy.
I fucked my little angel hard, caressed her breasts and clit, bit her shoulders, wound her soft hair on her fist and, lifting her head and making her sag, greedily kissed her neck.
She screamed and twisted, but she liked this game.
We finished violently and fell on the bed.
A little more, we silently lay and caressed each other.
Then I took her in my arms and carried her into the bath, where I carefully washed every stretch of silk of my pupa.
He wiped it with a soft towel, gently kissed it and moved it to the bedroom.
I watched the doll slowly dress up.
Then he dressed himself.

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We went outside.
It’s already dark.
Get in the car.
If there was a back seat in the car, I would drag the dolly there at that moment and fuck it again.
But the car was only double.
I took Sonya home.
Kissed goodbye.
She smiled and thanked me.
Since then, two years have passed.
I changed the car to a big one – the rear seats fold out like a bed.
Every day I take my doll from the institute.
And every day I fuck Sonia in the back seat and at home.
I do not cease to enjoy the smell of her silk skin, her grace, angelic smile and all with the same trepidation as the first time, I caress her.
Now Sonechka 18.
Andryushik is now 18 years old and he decided that he would have enough to indulge his parents (they were professors and very strict people) and it’s time to go to the club to finally lose their virginity.
All the guys from his university group have long been fucked by chicks, and he only blushed while listening to their stories about recent sexual exploits.
Hearing from them that girls love shaved boys, he diligently got rid of pubic and anus hair, scented and put on white panties.
Having taken care of the condoms, he decided that it was time – here he is – the day when he will become a man! Poor Andryusha.
how wrong he was! The club was dark and very stuffy, my head began to feel dizzy from drinking a cocktail, he sat down on the sofa and then saw her.
she was like a ripe berry, her charms

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sticking out from under the thin little dress were sticking out, driving her crazy.
Andrew, rushed to her and like a starving lion grasped her ass with a dress up.
What started here! Immediately, a big guy ran up to him and, under his breath, drove into some room.
When Andryusha came to himself, he looked around.
There was an old mattress under it.
And around were only bare walls.
He began to scream and then the door opened, letting in two ambalas and.
the familiar girl – the one he so unceremoniously began to paw.
Well, hero, check out my ass? – smiled girl.
– And now we check out your back! Take off your clothes Andrei had a bad headache and he didn’t quite understand what was going on, but for some reason bad suspicions crept into his soul.
Are you deaf? Well nothing.
Boys, your feast! Act! And here, the ambals standing before this, with the smiles on their faces, began to tear off their pants from the poor guy. Free private sex cams.

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