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My striped pajamas immediately began to blow a warm summer breeze, almost forgotten sensations.
At first we just walked, walked, talked.
Then they sat on the most remote shop.

I just looked at the sky, the trees, set up, squinting, the face of the sun, and you looked at how it pleases me, how it makes me happy, and charged me with this positive.
I put my hand on your thigh, pushing

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the edges of the robe.
You hugged me.
I got to the panties, ran my hand over the silk, until it became wet.
I abruptly jumped up, took your hand and said: “Let’s go!”.
“There!” – I pointed to thick English hedge bushes.
“They can see us there, wait until the evening,” you answered, smiling.
“That is more interesting or you value this place? Are you afraid?
“I treasure you.
If they see us, then I will not see you for a long time, and you will lose all walks, and again you will be locked up without me. ”
“I am ready to take the risk” – after these words I pulled you by the hand, you gave in.
We went behind the hedge, crouched and hid.
The fence was quite high, it was almost over my shoulder.
So if we exclude the posture in a standing position, we would not be visible if only someone decides to walk there.
I began to kiss you, unbuttoning your pajamas and throwing off her.
You hugged my buttocks, completely yielding to my desire.
My tongue ran deep into your mouth.
Our tongues danced the pagan rabid dance, forcing the bodies to strain, exciting, From the tips of the tongues, pleasure signals flowed directly into the endorphin centers of the brain and from there spread waves throughout the body, pleasure fluids ran through the body accumulating in the area of ??your groin and my groin, making silk become wet, cotton pajamas stretch and swell.

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You leaned on your elbows, spread your legs apart and began to unbutton her robe, and I began to tear off your panties by helping myself with my teeth.
“A mad psycho, it’s not for nothing that they put you here,” you said, laughing, “I’ll take the bra off myself, even if something remains on me after you.”
Leaning on your elbows, reclining, with your legs apart, bent at the knees, you looked at me with shining lustful eyes.
“Well, do you like me?” You asked, “Very,” I said.
And he pounced on you like a lion on a zebra, but not tearing apart the flesh, but covering it with kisses.
You lay down on the grass, surrendering to my caresses.
And I really, like a mad psycho, touched you, kissed you, licked at a furious pace.
Playing with the juices, after which I immediately switched to the stomach, then to the neck, grabbing you either by the chest, then by the buttocks, then simply by running your hands through the body, you threw your hands behind your head, closed your eyes and turned your face to the left, and I went crazy doing with your body whatever I want.
You did not see how I threw off my pants, and did not betray the significance of a pause in my actions.
You only understood everything when I entered you.
Sharply opening his eyes and taking a deep breath.
And I came to my senses only after a couple of seconds when I was already holding you by the piles, moving rhythmically in you.
Your body tightened, but then you calmed down and softened in my arms.
Your droplets of moisture fell on the grass like morning dew.
You were breathing heavily, suppressing your moans so that we would not be heard.
My penis was hard like an African iron tree.
Hard and hot, you felt it completely in yourself.
I was moving a little faster than the waltz pace, winding up your body, as if from a manual starter.
Gradually, I began to accelerate, seeing distortion on your face, you struggled to suppress the desire to moan, shout, suppress visible pleasure, biting your hands, from which the inner pleasure only became stronger and brighter.
The absence of perfume moans, the release of emotions, made them accumulate in you, making the nerve endings between your legs hundreds of times more sensitive. Free private sex chat.

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