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When he first met at a cafe and restaurant, he did not make attempts to take the first step, and Olga was impressed.
On the other hand, Olga felt that Sasha was nearby, and this embarrassed her and even enraged her.
She understood for herself, with hatred for her animal instincts, if she hadn’t been near her husband, she would have already stripped off her underwear and lay with her legs spread apart waiting for Marat.

Between her legs everything was wet.
She did not recognize herself.
“God, I could have met with Marat without Sasha,” she thought, but then she pulled herself up, because everything that happens is her husband doing everything for her.
With difficulty losing touch with Marat, Olga left the room to the kitchen.
Sasha told Marat that it would not hurt to take a shower.
Marat agreed.
Sasha came into the kitchen and saw that Olga was standing by the window and nervously smoking.
He embraced his wife and leaned against her: “Well, what are you, honey?” “Sasha, I’m afraid:” – Olga whispered.
“What are you afraid of, you fool” smiled Sasha.
“I am afraid that I like it and I want Marat,” replied the wife.
“Well, great,” Sasha calmed her down and pulled her into the bedroom.
Putting her in bed, he lay down next to him and began to kiss her, stroke her hair and body.
Spreading her hips, he held her between the legs, her panties were wet.
“Do not worry, everything will be fine,” Sasha told his wife, seeing that Marat was wrapped in a towel in the doorway.
Sasha got up and, with a wink at Marat, left the room: “I’m in the shower”.
Olga, seeing Marat, who was almost naked, wore a peignoir and hid.
Marat lay down on the bed and pressed against Olga, began to stroke her and kiss her neck, ear, lips, gradually freeing her from the peignoir.
When the peignoir slipped from the woman, Marat turned Olga towards him, and they merged into a kiss.

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Olga passionately embraced the body of a young man, clinging to him more and more closely.
Marat kissed her breasts, and his hands were already wandering in panties hugging her ass.
Olga felt that she was getting more and more excited.
A member of Marat through the towel pressed into her stomach, he was also clearly excited.
The towel slipped from the thighs of Marat, and his handsome man emerged outside.
And there really was a handsome man, 20 cm and not thin and not fat, but as if created by the sculptor and intended for public viewing, so much a member of Marat was beautiful.
Olga lay with her legs apart and allowing Marat to caress her vagina.
Marat’s hand wandered in Olga’s panties, and she understood that this piece of underwear becomes an unnecessary barrier in front of something necessary, but unexploredly disturbing.
But now Marat’s hands were pulled down by the crews, Olga raised her ass to help the man, and in a moment she was throwing her panties back with her foot.
Everything, no obstacles.
Olga felt defenseless, and only a sweet

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expectation slightly balanced her anxiety.
Marat, sliding down, kissed the body of a woman.
Olga, closing her eyes, gave herself a caress and tried to instinctively squeeze the hips, when Marat’s face was located between them, but he gently spread them even wider and touched the tongue of her vagina.
When Sasha came back from the shower, he was met by the moans of Olga, who was licked by Marat.
Sasha with jealousy noticed for himself the power and beauty of a member of Marat, who stood idle, filled with blood.
Sasha went to the side of the bed and stretched his dick to Olga’s mouth, she clutched at him like a life preserver.
Opening her eyes, she gratefully smiled at her husband, and took the head of his penis in her mouth and began to gently caress.
Now Olga felt much more comfortable and calmer, because Sasha was next to her.
And she gave herself to the senses.
It got stronger and stronger.
Sasha, giving his wife a mouth and moving a member, squinted at Marat.
He licked, licking all the folds and penetrating as deep as he could.
When he reached the clitoris, Olga, taking her husband’s member aside, asked: “Sasha, Sasha, insert me, well, please, I can no longer, dear.”
Marat raised his head, looking up from his occupation and looked questioningly at Sasha.
For a moment Sasha hesitated, but then put his dick in his wife’s mouth, nodded to Marat: “Come on.”
Marat, pulling up his body higher, and took his penis in his hand, put on a condom and held it between Olga’s vaginal lips. Free sexe live.

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