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Moreover, the most interesting, always boys.
– Boys – they know how harmful! – Lena laughed and after her other adults.
I watched as an unfamiliar woman quickly wipes a naked boy between her legs with a wet napkin.

– When did he last write to you? – the nurse asked the young mother.
“I don’t even remember,” she thought, “I woke up, as usual, wet, and then I didn’t seem to walk a little.”
I would have noticed when stripped.
Here is his diaper – absolutely dry.
– So after sleep did not write? – the nurse specified, – Everything is clear – a full bladder.
In babies, he knows how sensitive he is in this state.
Any press on the stomach causes the urge in a small way.
“Aha, everything happened when you started massaging Vova’s tummy,” the infant’s mother recalled.
“Next time, make sure to go in a small way before leading to me,” the nurse asked.
“Of course, I’ll make you pee,” promised the baby’s mother, “Sorry, Natasha, for today’s fountain.”
So uncomfortable.
“It’s okay,” the nurse smiled. “It’s a little kid.”
I have a few spare gowns in case of similar incidents.
The nurse quickly began to unbutton her white coat, which was wearing a large wet spot.
Under a medical gown there was a tight blouse and a rather short skirt.

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I couldn’t take my eyes off a beautiful girl.
Blonde Natasha seemed quite young – because of her childish face with huge blue eyes and snub nose.
– Well, let’s get acquainted? – She smiled, coming close to my wheelchair, – My name is Natasha, and you? “Sasa,” I replied.
“Lena,” the eleventh grader introduced herself.
– Come on “you” –

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suggested Natasha.
Lena nodded in agreement.
“Put your brother out on that table and take your clothes off,” Natasha asked, waving her hand in the direction of the free changing table.
– What is he my brother! – Lena smiled, – Just working as a nanny.
– I see, – Natasha smiled.
Lena took me out of the stroller and carried me to a large changing table, of which there were two in the office.
“Raise the handles,” she asked me. “Yeah, like that.”
Let’s remove the T-shirt.
Pulling my shirt over my head, Lena hesitantly turned to the nurse.
– Undress, undress! – she smiled, – Dowry, like this kid.
The nurse began to watch with a smile, as Lena pulls off my pantyhose.
I did not know where to go from embarrassment.
“Just like that,” Natasha nodded, when the eleventh-grader finally left me naked, “Children of the nursery age are supposed to be stripped down for a massage naked.”
Noticing how the infant’s mother turned on me, I blushed even more.
– Look, Vova, – the woman smiled, – Another naked boy.
Now he will also be massaged.
Unable to overcome my shyness, I covered myself with my palms between my legs.
– Is he shy? – Nurse asked Lena in surprise.
“I am surprised myself what a shy boy is,” the eleventh grader smiled, gently opening my arms, “There are no two more, but already trying to hide behind.”
– And we are not ashamed a bit! – the unfamiliar mother laughed, nodding at her baby, – On the contrary, we like to lie naked. Glen campbell bluegrass.

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