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The warm organ touched the tongue and became a boa dive deeper.
Zhenya, come on, come on, – Ruslan began to drive a member in my mouth back and forth.
Taking a member of the base, I began to tongue licking a swollen bridle.

Ruslan sighed.
Sit back comfortably, I tried to give my movements more confidence.
Knowing that, in reality, there is no need to push a member to the glands so that a man can cum – only his head sinks into his mouth, clearly defining with its lips its borders.
Making a forward movement, I sucked Ruslan’s member like a lollipop, describing intricate shapes with my tongue around the head.
Periodically, I stopped to rest lips.
It seemed that they are about to reduce cramp.
A few seconds of respite, and I went on a blowjob, which I studied for years, training on bottlenecks, carrots, bananas and cucumbers.
From the blowjob procedure, I began to get a little excited myself.
Ruslan, taking me by the back of his head with his hands, began to try to make frictions, penetrating deep into his throat. Hidden cam sex tube.

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