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Alena pointed a finger at me.
One and a half year old, like Sasha? – clarified Elena Vladimirovna, – So take it.
Such a cute toddler! – said Alena, coming close to my crib, – Look, mom, how he smiles at me.

Let’s take it.
And you, Natasha, what do you say? – asked Sergey Sergeevna, the eldest daughter, – did you like this one too? Funny little boy, – Natasha smiled, looking me up and down, – But I want to see the rest before I decide something.
We have three-and-a-half-year old boys, – the manager said, – Now my nannies will show them all to you.
Elena Vladimirovna looked back at Masha and Sveta.
Put all three on the changing tables, ”she asked the girls.
Masha took me out of the bed and brought me to the changing table.
At the neighboring tables, the nannies, as I expected, put Vitya with Pavlik.
Anna Sergeyevna’s daughters came closer and began to examine us carefully.
To undress babies? – asked Masha.
Of course, undress! – Alyona revived, – I want to look at them naked.
The nannies began to undress Vitya with Pavlik.
The last of the world section me.
Hesitating to stand in front of all naked, I shyly covered myself between my legs.
Look, Natasha! – Alena pulled her elder sister by the sleeve, – This little tot looks shy of us.
So funny! Do you have all the little ones so shy? – Natasha laughed.
So far, only one, – smiled the manager, gently opening my hands.
The first time I see this, – Anna Sergeyevna noticed with a smile, – so that the child at this age hesitates to stand naked.
The woman wanted to add something else, but she was prevented by a loud childish roar.
Do not cry, sun, – Masha began to calm Masha Pavlik standing to my right.
Probably it is better to lay them down, ”said the manager,“ Such little people quickly get tired of standing without support. ”
So, on the back? – Masha asked the head, putting me on the changing table.

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Elena Vladimirovna nodded silently.
Following me, the nannies laid Vitya with Pavlik on the adjacent tables, who continued to roar loudly.
What? Does your stomach hurt? – carefully bent over Pavlik Masha, – Probably gaziki.
Masha started massaging the baby’s tummy and the boy immediately loudly farted.
Alyona and Natasha laughed out loud, jokingly holding their snub nose toes.
So, – Masha smiled, continuing to massage Pavlik’s tummy, – Popukayu and immediately it will become easier.
Baby farted again, but still continued to cry.
“I don’t know why he cried so much,” Masha sighed.
Light silently approached.
to Pavlik and put a pacifier in the boy’s mouth, which he immediately began to suck enthusiastically.
Reassured, – she smiled.
Natasha and Alena, meanwhile, came close to my desk.
Noticing that the girls are carefully considering me, I blushed deeply.
Such a funny little peanut, – Alena smiled, – Look, what are his hands.
Such tiny fingers.
The raven crow cooked porridge, fed children.
Alena started turning my fingers in turns.
It gave it, it gave it, it gave it, – the twelve-year-old girl laughed, continuing to play with me, – But she did not give it! I immediately began to smile, ”Anna Sergeyevna remarked,“ you and Sasha quickly found a common language.
The twelve-year-old girl really liked me at first sight.
I thought that I always wanted just such an older sister.
What are you looking out for? – Anna Sergeyevna asked the younger daughter with a laugh.
Noticing that Alena stared between my legs, I was even more embarrassed.
She, mum, always looks at naked kids so much, – Natasha laughed, – Especially boys.
The boys have so many interesting priborchik between the legs, – admitted Alena, – Look, what a funny little pissy-girl has.
Pysyunchik as pisyunchik, – spurned Natasha, – Have you never seen naked young boys? And you take a closer look, – Alena did not let up, – See? He has a little boy with a small proboscis.
Others have no such proboscis.
Oh, what are you talking about! – Natasha laughed, – Look! Natasha, stretched out a hand to Vita lying next to her.
It is enough to move the skin a little bit, – she said, unceremoniously touching Vitina’s pussy, – See? Now the boys have the same proboscis.
Anyway, I prefer Sasha’s pisyunchik more, ”smiled Alena, lifting my pussy with cold fingers.
Pick up the toddler up, pisyunchik, ”unexpectedly asked Natasha, who was

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just feeling between the legs of Vitya lying next to her,“ I want to compare testicles.
You see from my little bit more.
And my neat tidy little bag, – smiled Alena, having touched my scrotum.
Alyona began to tickle my testicles unbearably tickling, forcing me to fidget on the table in a vain attempt to dodge her fingers. Hidden camera sex scene.

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