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Of course, without stupidity, – he said and firmly took me by the back of my knees, moving me closer to me.
Well, Ruslan! – I lost my temper.
A mug of hot coffee bounced off the floor due to my sudden movement.

Ringing broken porcelain.
Ruslan’s view instantly changed.
Eyes began to fill with anger.
Without approaching unpredictable drunk.
decoupling, I silently squatted down and began to carefully collect the fragments.
Gathering, I touched the hand and the outside of the thigh of his hairy legs that did not go unnoticed by Ruslan.
Throwing the rest of the cup into the bucket, I went to the battery to check the jeans.
Damn, still wet.
Through the window, I saw Ruslan staring at my ass sticking out from under her panties.
Ruslan, I beg you, come on today without sex, – guessing his thoughts, I turned around.
To which Ruslan rose in response and came close to me.
One of his hands slipped nimbly under my shirt, the other – from the back under the panties.
I was discouraged by such a speed of development of events, and trying to resist, I was immediately simply pinned by the body of Ruslan to the wall. Homemade lesbian hidden cam.

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