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I licked her vagina from the bottom to the top.
And in the end it came to the clitoris.
I understood this by the way she arched and groaned.

I ran my tongue several times, when suddenly she pressed my head tightly to herself, squeezed my legs and finished violently.
I barely escaped from the clutches of her legs.
But before he could get to his feet, he was again knocked down on his knees, and in front of me was the next pussy.
So one after another, I licked all the girls.
The last was Olya.
She did not want at first, but the older girls literally forced her down and laid her in front of me.
– Olka lie down! Spread your legs! Dura, still you will tell thanks! Learn while the older ones teach you.
The girl is fourteen soon, and she still builds the hymen.
We have twelve fuck and alive and well.
– And do not be distracted, come on, lick, bitch! – this has already been told to me.
I started to work as a tongue again.
Of course, Olin pizdenka was both in taste and in size completely different from the previous ones, and even the hairs were not like less often.
I began to rise again a member, and after a couple of minutes, I again finished on the dress.
Olya didn’t groan, didn’t bend, but just lay there and groan.
Suddenly, she screamed sharply, all arched up, clutched my nails in my shoulders and screamed.
The girls laughed loudly: – That’s clever.
A couple of times, and her ears can not be ottyanesh from men.
My knees and cheekbones hurt, my tongue and lips were swollen.

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Is it a joke for eight girls to suck! I slowly rose from my knees and straightened up.
– Look – one finger suddenly pointed at me – yes, she herself finished, but it seems more than once.
Wait, and in fact no one jerked off to her, and she herself did not touch a member.
She liked it! – she made a conclusion.
I looked down at the dress.
It was wet from my sperm.
The stain clearly stood out on the dress.
– Nothing, now she, like a real fucking house, goes obvaflennaya! Yes, and her lips seemed to be a member of the peas.
Here it is so fucking!
Arriving home from school, I found a note from my parents in which they reported that they were going to the theater after work and would be late.
It made me happy, because I could literally surrender to my hobby.
I went to my mother’s closet and took out a set of black linen and stockings.
Wearing this, I filled two condoms with water and placing them in a bra received two very decent breasts.
Then my mother’s wig and makeup.
The final touch was a black skirt and

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a white blouse.
Looking in the mirror, I just froze with delight, and my cock was ready to explode.
A very pretty young lady was looking at me from the mirror.
She turned me on madly and I had to fuck her.
Taking a candle, reserved especially for such cases, I made love with myself.
But today I had a little candle.
I wanted more.
I wanted to try a real member.
But knowing that I would never make up my mind to it, I decided to find something more than a candle: And then the doorbell rang.
I froze.
Heart pounding like mad.
The bell rang again.
If the parents are in the theater, then who is it? I looked through the peephole.
It was Vovka, my friend.
He was a nice guy, although I never looked at him as a man.
And suddenly I decided and opened the door.
– Hello, and Alex is at home – Vovka asked, looking at me with interest.
“Yes,” I replied, trying to make my voice feminine.
I missed it and closed the door.
“Come into the room,” I said, “he will come now.”
Vovka went into the room and sat on the couch.
I took a breath and went after him.
– What does Leshka do? – he asked. Indian girls hidden camera sex videos.

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