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Then came the turn of stockings.
I chose very unusual stockings, these are not even stockings, but a large mesh that wears on the leg, a rubber band on top, just like an ordinary stocking, but from the bottom it is very cleverly attached to the toes, otherwise the whole foot could slip into the mesh of the mesh, so large it is.
This is the owner brought from another trip.

He constantly brings such surprises, and I usually try on and try it all at once upon arrival of the host.
I play a model and take various poses, for the most part completely shameless.
And the owner takes all this photograph.
You understand what our fittings end up with, and after departures, even short ones.
And again she looked in the mirror, the hand itself stretched between the legs, everything was already wet there, and two fingers slipped easily into the pussy.
I sat on the bed, which stood beside and spread her legs wide apart, or rather, they themselves parted as soon as my ass touched the bed.
The third finger slipped to the previous two.
I made a low moan.
The owner seemed to hear him, and looked into my room.
-Get up soon, waiting for us – he threw.
I was surprised, but reached for a skirt.
The skirt was flared and so short that it barely covered the thin elastic of the stockings-nets, and if there were ordinary stocking wide elastic bands, they would have looked out.
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) -Plavochki need? – I asked.
He shook his head.
I pulled on my skirt and fastened the hooks and zipper.
The top of the skirt tightly wrapped my hips, and the flared style did not prevent me from pushing my legs apart.
The owner got my favorite collar.
Yes, yes, we often play like this.
He is a self-confident House, and I am an obedient Saba, ready to do anything to satisfy the Master.

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The collar was rather wide, of yellow skin, trimmed from the inside with a soft material.
He never delivered me discomfort, and did not rub the delicate skin of my neck.
High-heeled shoes complement my wardrobe.
The owner ordered to bend down and push the buttocks apart.
I readily obeyed, and felt a light touch of a greased finger on my ass.
The finger slipped a couple of times and his place was taken by a small syringe without a needle.
Light movement, and a couple of cubes of good lubrication were inside of me.
We left, the jeep was standing at the entrance, and I slipped into my place, to the left of the driver.
Here it is not difficult to guess that we live not far from Japan, and the steering wheel of our cars is on the right.
The car drove onto a familiar road to the city center.
From above, the bay was clearly visible

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, and boats scurrying along it.
It was getting dark, the moored ships had already turned on the lights.
The lights were reflected in the water of the harbor and were divided into thousands of light paths when they were excited by the running boats.
Beautiful, I thought, and the name of the street picked up the right one.
But we have already slipped through the center, and I became worried.
Of course, I trust my Boss 100%, but who will be waiting for us this time.
From the center it was not far.
We drove through some sort of destroyed checkpoint and found ourselves in strange territory, everywhere in rows stood broken cells, with torn nets, and in the center stood a squat building.
– Previously, there was a dog kennel, and recently it was transferred – the owner explained and drove up to the entrance to the building.
The door was deaf, iron, as in a bomb shelter, next to it was a camera’s eye and an inconspicuous bell button.
The owner pressed the button several times, the camera buzzed and turned his glass eye on us.
After a few seconds, the door opened silently.
Without the clanging of the bolts, without the creaking of the loops, it just silently opened a quarter.
The owner pulled her over, and I noticed how the muscles in his arm tightened from the effort.
The thickness of the door was at least thirty centimeters.
Behind the door a girl in a translucent evening dress was waiting for us.
It was easy to notice that there was nothing under the dress, the body was translucent and I noted that the figure was not bad.
-Hello, Anya – the Boss nodded to her.
It seems that they have long been familiar, since he only indifferently glanced over her.
The girl escorted us to a room decorated for a table seating with leather furniture, a bar, a TV, and a strange device in the corner. Live flesh sex scene.

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