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After that, Lenin’s mother offered me.
– Stay with us, take a rest, and tomorrow morning we will take you to the university.
Yes, yes, stay, with a pleading look, Lena asked me.

“It’s not convenient, I’d better go home, lie back, and I cann’t go to the university for a few days,” I replied. have a friend, whatever, not to worry parents.
Moreover, these scum, you can now wait around the corner, and you so just do not get rid of them.
– Mom, yes, he will cope with all of them easily, Lena said for me, you would see how he scattered them.
– You are an athlete, Lena’s mother asked me.
“Yes,” I replied.
-Thank you not scared and stood up for Lena.
-Well, what nonsense, in my place would do so everyone.
-Well, have a rest, and I’ll go to myself, Len, feed the hero and make him a bed, and lie down, it’s too late.
-I will, Lena asked.
-If you can tea with a sandwich, I asked, holding the phone.
While Lena went to the kitchen to make a snack, I dialed my number and told my mother that I stayed with a friend for the night.
She calmed down, wished me a peaceful sleep and hung up.
While I was having tea with sandwiches, Lena made me a bed in the next room with her.
When I was rinsing a cup of tea after me, a dense build and a rather tall man, about 45 years old, entered the kitchen.
It was her father.
– Good night, I said hello to him.
– Well, hello, savior, he answered and firmly shook my hand.
– So, this is you, the Maxim, who called today.
“Yes,” I replied.
-Well, then let’s slap on a little for an acquaintance, he suggested, taking from the bar a bottle of Hennessey cognac and two glasses.

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-In general, I do not drink, I tried to justify myself, but he did not hear anything, on this occasion, began to pour cognac into glasses.
– For an acquaintance, the father made a toast to Lenin, and in one gulp drank a glass of horse-yak.
– For the acquaintance, I said, repeating the toast, and too, in one gulp, I toppled a glass into myself.
Having bitten by lemon circles, lying on a saucer, Lena’s father introduced himself.
-Viktor Sergeevich, we will be familiar.
“I am also very pleased to meet you,” I replied.
– Dad, leave Maxim alone, he needs to sleep, and you are already trying to sing him, we heard Lena’s voice coming into the kitchen.
-Yes, she is right, go, rest, we, no matter how, another time we talk.
Lena took me by the hand and led me into the room where the bed was made for me, and, wishing good night, went to her room, while she turned round abruptly, slightly hugged me and kissed me, first on the lips, and then lightly smacked on the cheek, finally.
I could not sleep for a long time, twisted a little, constantly there were moments in my brain when Lena kissed me.
I was not a virgin, but these poultry for me were something extraordinary, unearthly, unreal.
About thirty minutes later, I heard a slight rustling in the next room, and then from the corridor.
Then it was quiet.
Soon, I again heard a faint rustle, this time around the door to the room where I was lying.
The door opened gently, and some kind of shadow lightly popped into the room.
She slowly approached me, stood a little beside the bed, as if considering her further action, and slightly raising the blanket, quickly slipped under it.
It was Lena.
I immediately felt the touch of her body to his.
It was hot, supple, soft and so exciting that I could

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not resist, no matter what hug her.
She answered my arms in the same way, and she began to shower kisses on my body, gently touching me with her hands.
The sensations were divine, I felt her lovely chest, which was hidden by a delicate silk nightie.
Gently pressing her to me, I began to stroke her back, slowly dropping down to her lovely buttocks.
Gradually the movements of her arms became even more passionate, she moved them lower to my groin.
Touching the fingers of her little hand of my underpants, she made me flinch from the pleasant excitement that had pierced me through. Live play sex video.

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