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I’ll take another rag, she decided, removing a clean rag from a bowl of water.
I watched Sveta thoroughly soaping her rag.
Who is the little pisyunchik? – Suddenly she laughed, lifting my pussy with her fingers, – Now we should deal with this thin proboscis properly.

Wrapping my pussy with soapy cloth, Sveta gently crushed her.
I wanted to fall under the ground from embarrassment.
And now we go around, she smiled and tickled the cloth around my pussy tickle.
Sveta’s cloth quickly slid over my pubic hair, making me shiver from an unpleasant tickling.
That’s how we wipe the baby’s tummy, – she gently sentenced Sveta, rubbing my crotch and lower abdomen.
I began to fidget, trying to prevent a nanny, but nothing came of it.
The girl just smiled, pressing my legs to the table.
Now we need to wipe it everywhere again to wash off the soap, ”said Sveta, removing the third rag from the bowl of water.
The next few minutes the nurse diligently wiped me in front: starting from the navel and gradually going down lower and lower.
Having unceremoniously spreading my legs, Sveta threw a wet rag over my pussy with scrotum.
Feeling like someone else’s palm clasped my sensitive bag, I shivered from the unbearable tickling.
Massaging a little boy testicles? – Masha asked with a laugh.
Yeah, I wanted to roll his little balls, – smiled Sveta, – and now let’s do Sasha’s pisyunchik.
So small and tender.
Look, how flushed, – Masha continued to laugh, – Are you, Sasha, still embarrassed nannies? In half a day you could get used to it.
Sveta raised her legs up to me again, as usual, pressing my knees to my chest.
What you started to break out again? – the nurse smiled, unbearably tickling rubbing me behind the testicles with her rag.
I could hardly bear more minutes, I sighed with relief when Sveta finally put the rag aside.
Well that’s all! – She announced, – It remains only to anoint between the legs with baby oil.

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Sveta raised a bottle of baby oil above me and I felt something pouring between my buttocks.
First, anoint between the buttocks, – smiled girl, – So, with one finger.
I desperately kicked my legs from a sharp tickling.
What, Sasha? – Light turned to me with a smile, – Do you really think that your wriggling and jerking legs can somehow hinder me? In this pose with your legs up, you have everything open between them and I can touch you wherever I want.
For example, now we will deal with your little hole.
Feeling like someone else’s finger rested against my hole in the pope, I froze in alarm.
Oh, how we immediately got nervous! – Sveta laughed, gently massaging my sensitive hole with her finger, – By the way, you also need to anoint the inside.
Another finger unceremoniously plunged into my ass.
So, – the nurse smiled, having twirled a finger in different directions, – we shall anoint the ass with baby oil to ours.
baby was easier to crap.
And now let’s take your little bag.
Holding my legs so that I could not jerk them, Sveta took up my scrotum.
How we are afraid of tickling! – She laughed, unbearably tickling my testicles.
It is necessary to be patient, – Masha gently told me, – After washing, all the little boys are well smeared between the legs with baby oil.
To prevent diaper rash.
Having finally stopped torturing me tickling, Sveta lowered my legs down.
I sighed with relief that the torturous procedure was over, but it was too early to rejoice.
Sveta took her bottle and began to pour me a nasty oil on the pubis.
And now we will spread butter, – she smiled, having started to tickle my pubis, – open the folds so that it gets there too.
Like this.
And now let’s do this little pisyunchik.
I usually don’t piss the boys, ”said Masha,“ I just circle around with one finger.
And I smear, – declared Sveta, – No one has ever died of baby oil.
Seeing Sveta again stretched to the bottle with baby oil, I almost cried from the insult, but the girl just closed the cap.
Don’t be afraid, nobody is going to swaddle you now, – she smiled, sitting me down on the table.
Quickly wearing me a shirt with sliders, Sveta carried me to the cot.
Try to lie quietly, – the nurse asked me, looking at her watch, – And best of all, try to sleep.
You have half an hour to sleep.
I never managed to fall asleep.
I was lying and hypnotizing the wall clock.
Half an hour later,

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the nannies really began to wake everyone up.
The afternoon tea, Masha announced, and leaning over my bed, unceremoniously pulled a pacifier from my mouth, replacing it with a baby bottle of milk.
I started reluctantly to drink the nasty warm milk, because I knew that the nannies would still make me empty the bottle. Live sex chat jasmine.

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