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“Just leave me alone!”
– responded girl.
The guy jerked when behind the door, from where they had just left, laughed loudly.

Female laughter acquired hoarseness, reborn in devilish rumbles.
The guy went to the stairs, away from the sound source.
Now he clearly realized the words he had said in the morning.
they are sex toys.

– Mitya.
– Well.
– We are friends with him.
– Hc-ss.
I will.
Surprise Mitya.
– Yeah.

– Shhhhh.

– Mmmm.

The story that happened to me last summer on the shores of the hot Black Sea gave me the opportunity to present it to my reader.
Oh, how wonderful it is to lie on the burning sand and enjoy the young girls passing by.
One brunette, another blonde – and all have their own amazing data.
Namely: a trim tanned ass, covered with only a strip of string.
Or a neat girl’s breast with impressively protruding nipples.
Probably, I would have spent the whole vacation on the fiery sand, if it had not happened.
One day, in the early morning I settled down a bit from farther from the main beach area (as it later turned out to be not in vain) and took a nap.
Suddenly, I woke up with a slight nudge to my shoulder.
Opening my eyes I saw: a pretty red-haired girl with arrogant green eyes, who with an imperious tone told me that I should go with her and help her find a gold chain that was lost nearby.
The girl’s perseverance struck me deeply.
But even more I was amazed by the attractive figure that was the mainstay of my erotic desires.
Of course I went with her.
We were looking for a lost decoration – about five minutes, after which the young lady sat down on the sand and gave herself to the emotions. Live sex show amsterdam.

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