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He himself plays at low stakes and almost never loses.
I almost always blow through.
– Are you bored, honey? – Pasha sat down to me when I sipped whiskey and coke on the deck in splendid isolation.

I didn’t find the girls after dinner.
They must have earned points by the sweat.
And here I am impermissibly idle.
Not that victory was so important to me, but to lose with a shameful score did not smile.
“I miss you,” I nodded to Pasha, inviting him to sit down beside him.
-And I have a bummer.
Imagine, I decided here to quickly stick one pretty chick.
I was already almost in it and then her man from the pool came.
-What about husband? – I shrugged my shoulders.
– Do not tell me, Igor spoiled you, and not everyone is so democratic.
The husband, the goat, was one of the conservatives.

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A little neck did not give.
And the woman has already inflamed me.
Dick already bursting, do not believe it.
She nayariva me half an hour.
I have everything to her – let’s get down to business, but she, do not hurry and do not hurry.
I say you want to bring to the point of exhaustion.
Damn it, fucking.
Pasha drank his portion of the fire and looked sadly into the distance.
Why not? – I thought.
Pasha is also a man, and what else.
And his member is another full-fledged score in my asset, although for such as his, you must give at least two and a half.
-Do you want to fuck me? – I asked.
“Stupid question,” he said offended.
“So let’s go,” I suggested.
Pasha immediately perked up: -And is it true that we fend? You sit around here, I have a dick.
Why not make each other nice?

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We went to his room and silently undressed, lay down on the bed.
Apparently Pasha was still a romantic at the very bottom of his heart and could not climb on me like that simply without curtsy.
He caressed my chest, kissed my stomach, walked my tongue over the clitoris, and only after that was placed between my legs.
Although I was already flowing, his serious device hardly squeezed into my hole and, before starting to move, he asked: “Are you comfortable?” “Convenient, quite,” I said, spreading my legs wide.
After all our joint adventures, sex with Pasha was not a novelty.
Then, in Ivan’s house, Pasha raped me, it seems in every conceivable combination and posture, but in such a casual setting we were the first to fuck.
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