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I decided that even if a girl came to the castle I would let her down, but go ahead Be what will be.
How to go.
Kohl will give me a refusal (If you think about that), then tell me immediately.

right away
Not later.
“In the head.
solid porridge.
And the hops were buzzing in blood.
And now even not to remember: I wanted that love? I wanted to play.
I giggled again and said: “It may be, I do not mind.
But how to say.
You and I do not know much, And we are already running into bed.
If so, I guess I’ll have to be tied.
“Then the small one grinned at me and set down his glass.
“You know, and perhaps you, I would eagerly tied.
“” That’s it? .
I snorted menacingly.
It is interesting to see.
This is what you really want to lock me up? “In vain was I touchy.
We two went to the basement.

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There, he, as a strict master, chained me.
How could I let everything? There was a museum in this castle, and a similar discovery, Late, without any fancy.
I tried to fight back.
Late joke joke.
In the castles can be found All the prisoners to pacify.
I remember the cold of the anvil, I remember the rumble of a hammer.
After sharpened in the bedroom, Under the bolt on the two locks.
I did not believe, shouted And darted on a chain, Five strips of metal, Wiped the skin to the blood.
I did not believe that it was Nayava, and not in a dream.
And the collar, and bracelets And the lattice on the window.
It seemed to me that it was impossible to live in this cage for a day, But the Master came with a whip I could teach my mind.
He was affectionate, even Bole, Soothed my shiver And said: “Do not be afraid of pain.

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So be it.
You will understand”.
He bent over me, made me rise on my toes, and put my wrists in a wooden vise.
Wooden pads With a cutout for arms and legs And a support so that the ass Lift higher could.
“So, so.
he said loudly, sitting beside him on the bed.
Listen to me, girl, And I have something to say.
jokes, but still, this is only the first step.
I can be stricter, but try it like this.
I didn’t want to argue with anyone, But my parents make noise, Like, you are over twenty.
Everybody wants to marry me.
I like you.
When I opened it to you, I thought, since it was already so late, I would run it away, whoever it was.
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