Lizacu bongacams.

Lizacu bongacams.
All employees are almost without exception family, and they do not want to spend evenings with family.
Not to recruit, in fact, the work of students of the local medical academy.
No experience and skills! And we are an institution of new formation in this city; in no way should we lose our brand.

We already invited several specialists from other cities, and they had to go to a meeting with the provision of work schedules in the morning.
Petr Petrovich rose from his desk, and without any prefaces sat down opposite George: – To confess, getting acquainted with your resume, I was afraid of the same requirements from you, with such a qualification! However, you pleasantly surprised me and helped me a lot in a difficult moment.
Are you married by the way? George negatively shook his head: – I have not got yet.
The director smiled broadly and replied knowingly: – Well, of course, you are still young enough, you are still ahead.
He sighed and, leaning over the table, pressed the communicator: – Lizonka, now George is coming to you, – he has dug in my papers, – how are you with your father? – Do not patronymic, just George.
– So that’s great. Lizacu bongacams.

Sex casting model.