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Quite decent guys, but then it turned out that not very.
In the car, they behaved calmly and did not even bother as usual.
Very modest.

But in the country.
We swam and played badminton all day long, and when I came into the house I changed into a tight top and short shorts and socks that fit my little second size breast.

The guys called to drink wine and I did not wear panties.
As it turned out very even in vain.
After drinking a couple of glasses of country wine, I quickly became drunk and Andrew said that I should give him a massage.
I didn’t see anything like that.
In addition, Andrew worked in karate and went to the gym and it was interesting for me to rumple his back.
He lounged on the couch, pulling off a tight-fitting T-shirt, and I sat down on it.
The fact that I did not have panties quickly became clear to him and he purposely began to strain the buttocks, knowing how sensitive I was.
The guys poured me some wine and joked a lot that a great masseuse would come out of me.
I caressed Andrei’s wide back, gradually losing control of myself.

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He strained his buttocks so that I rose and fell on him and I noticed.
So when he stopped straining them, I continued to fidget slowly over his elastic ass.
The guys could not fail to notice this and we all laughed together.
Volodya and Nikita clearly lacked my attention and they kept calling me to the table for a snack.
Having made a massage, I went to the table, but I could not sit down on a high chair.
Volodya grabbed my waist and pulled me to his lap.
I began to scream and escape, although I always liked his strong hands.
Volodya only squeezed me tightly in his arms and sat me on his knees.
Then I drank another glass and already faintly remember what exactly was happening.
I remember how Volodin’s hands fumbled over my ass in shorts, how he brazenly pawed my chest and tried to undress, pull off the topic.
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