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I was very pleasant, just wanted her to squeeze it tighter and do it more often.
She seemed to feel my desire.
Her palm tightly grabbed my dick, and I asked the pace, rushing into the ring of her fingers.

It was not very convenient for us to do it standing.
I backed away and lay back on the bed.

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knelt and continued to caress me.
I suggested Lia.
– “Slightly faster, squeeze harder; like this.
She obeyed unquestioningly, her eyes shone, playing a bright blush on her cheeks.
I felt that everything would end soon and did not want to leave Leah without affection.
I grabbed it with my hands and set it over myself so that its wet, waiting depth was opposite to my face.
Leah was kneeling over me.
One hand she leaned on the bed, the other continued to stroke my dick.
I pressed my lips to her lower lips, put my tongue in there and began to tickle it with them.
Another moment and the sperm was in her hand.
Leah leaned back next to me.
I turned on my side and kept licking at her.
She jerked convulsively.
A little more and she whispered: – Enough Alyosha.
I did not know that a man can be so.
– How interesting.
te be really nice.
How from a woman? – Aren’t you a woman? – No, I’m talking about something else.
It was only a hand.
– It does not matter.
The main thing is that it is pleasant to both, so that it does not turn into a habit, that each time it is new and desirable, then everything is possible, and everything will be fine.
Part 9.
Today is my day again.
At first, our relations with Alyosha were messy, but then we agreed with Natasha about the order We were two, and he was alone and, naturally, it was difficult for him.
Alyosha silently accepted the order we proposed.
Only during our natural ailment was the order somewhat disturbed, and then the other for this time owned Alyosha without separate.

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Alesha had dinner in the kitchen and I was preparing to meet him.
As a rule, they took place in our room, if only fantasy or playing whim did not make us want to do this elsewhere.
Knowing that Alyosha likes to kiss me in the most unexpected places, I carefully perfumed a little, even tweaking the nipples of the breasts and again, like last time, I looked in the mirror – everything is all right.
I have long been tormented by the idea that sooner or later everything will end with us, what then remains except fragile memories? The kind of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman very much excited me.
Looking at Alyosha with Natasha, I was satisfied as if I had been under it myself.
I wanted to leave a more substantial memory of our relationship than a memory.
We had a movie camera and color film.
Natasha and Alyosha knew how to photograph, and even I would have been able, the trick is not great.
Mentally, I composed the script and camera angles.
Irritated by all of this, I pounced on Alyosha when he entered as if she had not seen a man for a hundred years.
Having exasperated Aleshin’s lips with my lips, I laid down on Natasha’s model on the table and allowed Alyosha to use both of my holes as deep as he could.
I almost did not hurt, I got used to Aleshkin’s cock.
We finished in a new way, part of the discoveries of which belonged to Natasha.
When I was completely satisfied, Alyosha was on the verge of this. I smeared the inner sides of my thighs with Vaseline, slightly brought them together and Alyosha began to insert her penis into the gap just above her knees.
He gently slid between his hips and after a minute I felt that everything was already up.
While we were resting, I hesitated, laid out Alyosha my plan.
Oddly enough, but he immediately agreed.
It remained now only to persuade Natasha, but together it was easier.
In gratitude for the pliability, for the second time I satisfied Alyosha in the way he loved most of all with his mouth.
Only I could do it.
Natasha tried, but she could not do it, she pained Alyosha with her teeth and could never bring Alyosha to the end.
And I treated Aleshin with a member, gently, took him deeply in my mouth, swallowed it carefully, touching him with my tongue.
It turns out that its end, even though it is very thick, can be swallowed.
In general, Natasha and I, as women, are somehow different.
Somehow they invented a game: Alyosha blindfolded, put him on a chair, and in turn introduced his own member into himself, sitting down on his knees. Missyamy bongacams.

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