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She put on her panties again, having found them somewhere under the table, pulled up her robe and nevertheless spat out what she had been holding in her mouth for so long.
And then for a long time I still rinsed my mouth from sperm, apparently, to kill the nasty taste in my mouth.
Slammed the door.

Dressing emptied.
I also went out.

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, as if nothing had happened, Lyuba walked back and forth along the corridor, put thermometers on the sick and made injections.
In her calm and serene face it was impossible to say for nothing that quite recently she was surrendered to the head of the table.
The world healed again in a familiar rhythm, as if nothing had happened.
As if there, behind the wall, there was some other, distorted, grassroots world.
Because in this world, which I still knew and loved, such a thing simply could not happen.
I could not work that day.
At heart lay a stone, and this randomly overlooked disgusting scene did not come out of my head.
Despite the fact that Lyuba rejected me, I felt sorry for her.
The head doctor now I just hated.
And most importantly, from the nightmare he saw, I was even more disappointed in this life, so corrupt and cruel.
In the evening of the same day, in the corridor near the elevator, I was stopped by a nurse from the neighboring department – Natasha Sargsyan.
Small, but tightly knocked brunette with short hair.
What are you running for Lyubka? She asked, as if by chance.
I don’t run after anyone, ”I said gloomily, and, of course, I was embarrassed and blushed.

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Run, I know.
– she grinned, – and we, by the way, have other girls! What kind? – I was surprised.
Do you want to go show? She suggested, casually straightening her hair, and looking at her in a strange way.
Later, I learned to distinguish this view from hundreds of others.
But then he took everything at face value.
Without waiting for the elevator, we went to the end of the corridor, where there was a laundry room.
I did not suspect anything.
Not afraid? She asked, unlocking the door with her key.
Why should I be afraid? – I answered bravely.
We went inside.
On three sides were shelves on which mattresses rested, rolled into rolls, like giant snails, stacks with clean sheets and pillows.
The storage room was small and cramped.
It could barely fit two.
So where? – I asked, looking around.
Don’t you like me? – Natasha asked slyly.
I looked at.
I never thought of her as a woman.
She suddenly took my hand and laid it on her chest.
Like? She whispered.
Her eyes sparkled.
The chest was warm and soft, even through a bathrobe.
I suddenly felt how often her heart beat and instinctively twitched.
Do not be afraid, she whispered softly, you what else.
boy? Nothing, I’m not a boy.
– I mumbled.
But it seems to me yes, ”she said ingratiatingly,“ do you want to turn off the light? ” Come on, I agreed.
She flicked a switch.
We were in complete darkness.
I thought that would be best.
She hugged me, slowly running her hands up and down my body.
From her touch on the back ran goosebumps.
Then I suddenly felt how she quietly opens the zipper on my jeans.
Then, undoing the tight button, she lowered them to her knees.
She pushed the panties down and slowly pulled them down.
Do not worry, we’ll just play a little with him and that’s it, okay ?.
She whispered very gently.
After a second, I felt her touch my dick with the tip of my wet tongue.
From the pleasure of the body ran a cramp.
I groaned, clutching my hands on the shelf with linen, squeezing it tightly with both hands.
And she hugged my dick with her wet lips and quickly caressed the head with the tip of the tongue, from time to time tightly clutching his hand. My sex cams net.

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