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And I will not give offense to my family.
That’s about it.
Do you understand? – Clear.

– he went limp.
– Fuck on health.
I got up and left home.
In the evening, lying in bed, they discussed today’s incident.
It was a pity for Anton, but all three of them did not want to destroy the existing relationship.
And it was not only in bed: they were very good and comfortable with each other, they were happy, because together.
The conversation gradually dried up.
He hugged both women, pressed against him from both sides.
They began to rub on him with boobs, legs, cunt.
He kissed them alternately, slowly.
Dick got stronger.
Nastya shifted prick.
The red head glistened.
She smeared it with saliva.
Masha took him in her hand and squeezed.
I really wanted to cover him with my cunt.
Yura made a choice.
He turned to Masha and lay down on her.
She sighed.
He began to kiss on the lips, hands groping her.
It would seem that more than once fucked, but still I wanted to study a supple body and fuck measuredly, passionately, like the first time.
Nastya stroked his back, smacked her ass in her hands, which is why his dick certainly had to want even more pussy.
Finally, he put in Masha and began to pump it in short and long shocks.
Masha was moaning.
She had time to finish, and he only entered into a rage, taught by these two women, in order for both of them to have a good fuck.
Kissed Masha and looked at Nastya.
She lay on her stomach and spread her legs, opening her pussy.
He climbed with Masha and stuck it in her.
Nastya gasped, threw back her head and buried her face in the pillow, squeezing her hands.
Yura shook her body, moved on the bed and finished not soon, when Nastya was already flying in the clouds.
He pulled out a cock that still poured on her ass.
So cool they have not fucked.
And he thought that he would not give these two women to anyone.
He did not compare them and did not distinguish with whom he was better.

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They complemented each other and loved him.
Anton came home already quite calm.
He reflected that, in principle, nothing terrible happened.
There is nothing to blame and life goes on.
Sveta, his woman, cooked dinner.
She had long ago decided not to pay attention to the variability of his mood and loved him, a little unprofitable and not very lucky.
He looked at her softly and kindly, asked about plans for tomorrow.
He offered to go somewhere out of town for a walk.
She agreed.
And at night, in bed, he began to kiss her excitedly, and she crumpled and licked her pussy and asshole to insanity.
Where did such passion come from? Fucked her long and eagerly several times in a row.
Falling asleep, almost in the morning, he called her the most beloved and desired.
She was happy.
The story described here is made up from start to finish.
I never would have thought that someday I would try myself in writing stories, especially erotic ones, especially with such a slant.
The published work is my first, It is the result of the need to quickly get used to the new keyboard, 6-hour exercise for the fingers and is written in one breath on the principle of “what comes into my head, then it will work out.”
I expose it to your court and convincingly ask, if you wish, to find an opportunity for its real evaluation.
My infinitely beloved wife Vale dedicated.
– Leshka, let’s get up, we should be going to meet Aunt Galya soon.
I opened my eyes — it was quite light in the house — and immediately remembered that today my mother’s old friend, with whom they had not met for several years, should come to visit us.
It so happened that two friends, being at school “not spilling water”, by the will of fate after marriage, found themselves in different cities and without knowing it, they continued to repeat the fate of each other in something.
My mother was 22 when she gave birth to me and 28 when she was left a widow.
Aunt Galya in our village was considered lucky, because she managed to marry a town boy and moved to live from our backwoods to some city, but still all the benefits of civilization.
It would seem, live and rejoice, but neither the daughter born in 20 years, nor the beauty and docile nature did not protect her from the fact that in 33 her husband went to another.
Now both were 38.
On my 16th birthday, my mother gave me a laptop with an Internet connection and once, seeing how I sat for hours, asked to look for someone from her former classmates.
What was her surprise and joy when she found Aunt Ghali’s profile.
After a short correspondence and phone conversation, it was decided that during the holidays she would definitely come to visit us, and at the same time she would look at the places where she had been

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