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I promised that I would not tell anyone, and this will be our little secret with him.
“Does Igor guess?” “No, of course !!!” “Well, maybe he, too.
You will be very good together, especially you are best friends, and now you will become someone more for each other.

Do you want me to talk to him? “” Don’t! please !!! ”“ Would you like to be with him? ”“ Well, speak.
“I wrote from a long pause.
“Yes.” “Hmm.
I have an idea.
“Once, when one of them had no one at home, I decided to play with them.
I started to undress in front of them.
They had such dumbfounded faces that they could not believe it, that such a girl was undressing in front of them.
“Boys! Take off your clothes to the goal. ”They began to throw off all their clothes, pleasantly not understanding what was happening. Online sexting chat.

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