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The shit was getting bigger and bigger, and Moshonkin became annoyed.
Asta la vista nestlings frowned Fedya, picking up a big babusin hoe.
Suddenly, something like a memory appeared in the gray matter of his brain.

But it was at least strange.
Memories visited him very rarely, more often his internal content was filled with a pleasant, not straining half-dark.

And here on you.
In front of him, like a bald lamb, out of the fog, a figure of a grandmother appeared in a raskoryachku, his hairy legs curling over the beds.
In her hands she held the hoe that was in Fedor’s hands.
We must pay tribute to the grandmother, she knew how to handle chopper.
Mosonkin saw such a technique for dealing with lethal weapons for weeds only once.
in the film, where the old Japanese samurai fought off the alien brain-suckers who attacked him from the planet Vyperdopulo.
Granny was steep like the peak of Kilimanjaro during the monsoon rains in Cambodia.
We ought to fuck this awkward thought Moshonkin and raped.
(to be continued)

In the dense, but not dormant, the Middle Ages there was an entertaining tradition.

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The writer, mostly a monk, asked many travelers about their encounters with mysterious beasts.
The interviewed traffickers, hoping to get a couple of coins, were lying to the ground, inventing non-existent creatures.
From there, and the expression went “to give a lie at face value,” but this is a digression.
The books that systematize such rumors were called the Bestiaries.
In the vast expanses of our Ro.
, I mean the United Erotic Space, there is also a lot of amusing beasts.
The cultivators of erotic arable lands and the collectors of erotic fruits in collective farm gardens mark his plowing spaces.
So: Aborting.
The beast is terrible, powerful, specific.
Covered with thick gray wool.
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