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When they separated, she took a deep breath, looked at her lover, as if deciding whether to speak.
– I was raped.

And Ira told about all her adventures, that at first she looked under the skirt of two teenagers, although probably not only they – it was not only neither surprised, but also amused him.
At the same time he nodded approvingly.
Then she told about her case in the store.
A greasy smile

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slid across his face.
His face shone with pride.
His eyes seemed to grow darker and darker.
– Still, I’m a good teacher.
And you are a capable student.
Remember only recently yourself in a cafe.
And now.
Well done slave.
You will receive encouragement.
You’re not as arrogant as you were in a cafe today.
It is a pity that the man apparently the mattress could not even catch you up.
She clung to her man with her whole body and kissed him on the neck, feeling her dick getting bristled under the trunks, giggled and whispered reproachfully: – Do not joke like that.
I almost died of shame.
Oh Vitya.
Does it all excite you so much? He pushed her and slapped her.
He collected a large mouth of saliva and spat in Irina’s face with full force.
A powerful grub landed between her eyes and forehead, and after a second began to flow down the eyes and cheeks.
– Know your place whore! Irina lowered her head in shame.
– That’s better.
I never joke.
Now you are still a fucking swell.
But soon all the arrogance will come down from you.
For example, after somewhere in the basement you suck ten luges.
Take off your dress! Irina grabbed the hem of her dress with both hands and pulled it up.
Breasts fluttered out from under the dress and, once free, swayed happily.
– Yeah.
Milking you credited whore.
– Thank.
Victor slammed her right breast hard, forcing the woman to scream.

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Then he raised his hand close to her bald pussy, but did not touch her, causing a woman to moan in anticipation.
Irina pushed her hips forward slightly.
Victor giggled, still holding his hand a few centimeters from her vagina.
Irina broke out, but pulled herself stronger.
He moved away.
The woman moaned in despair.
– Wider thighs.
Ira opened her legs and waited.
Dark spots of blush burned on her cheeks.
Irina felt the fingers of a man with pain began to squeeze and twist her nipples, but she only moaned, not moving at all.
She felt offensive – a young intelligent and attractive woman she stands, helpfully at attention, in front of a perfect moral monster and allows him to play with her, shamefully, torture her body, as if she was a thing, a sexual object, a piece of meat and nothing more .
The man recoiled and stepped back.
– And now caress yourself.
Her hands were trembling — her nerves were agitated, completely unbalanced.
Irina rubbed her breasts.
Nipples were swollen, hard.
The woman moved her hand between her legs and touched her pussy.
She was hot.
She was wet.
Her finger slid between the genital lips, touched the clitoris.
Irina immediately choked, a wave of pleasure struck her whole body.
“You think, I will believe that you no longer like when you are rude – it used to excite you very much.
“- Victor’s words passed through her head.
Why she could not resist his coercion? “I really love such an abnormal sex? – Irina asked herself.
“Did Victor just press the right buttons of my soul at the right time?” I am sick? He has me mercilessly, the way I deserve, so how do I want? ”- Why did you freeze? Go on bitch! Irina’s fingers began slowly to caress her labia, wet from juices, she skillfully moved them up and down along the entire length of her lip-shining slits.
Irina began to slowly move her hips, rhythmically invitingly moaning.
When the finger again began to act directly on the clitoris, the hips of the woman began to sway with the rhythm of her fingers, the sweet weight filled her belly.
Irina gasped – she masturbated right in front of Victor! On the threshold of your apartment! And she could not admit that she enjoyed it — selflessly, passionately — but in fact it was.
Irina did not know that she could move so quickly – looking plaintively at her lover, she violently rubbed her clit.
– Vitenka, my dear.
She whispered, feeling the pricking and throbbing in her pussy.
She stretched her legs to the side as much as possible in a desperate desire to seduce a man and get a member of Victor in her wet pussy. Play online hot sex videos.

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