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Olin’s tongue walked slowly over my head, lingering on the bridle.
Then the girl began to gently suck on my “hat”, demonstrating the filigree blowjob technique.
The room was not simple.

To suck a member, and not to lose a bit of the previous “protein mass” is an outstanding achievement.
I exhaled sweetly, and turned my eyes to the owner of the sperm, in which my “meat rod” was floundering.
He could not take his eyes off what was happening.
So it was, at the same time, with a sausage poured out.
His entire groin was shiny from Oli’s excess saliva.
Pubic hair bunched together and stuck together in small bunches.
Without taking the girl out of the process, I reached out to her purse, which she took with her when she left the smoke.
Naryl there a pack of wet wipes, and threw it to Kostya: – Get off, private, until the corporal has not yet reached.
I pinned him, but in a friendly way, he was not offended.
Hastily began to put himself in order, but wiped to the touch.
Everything continued to eagerly consider the “unusual” blowjob performed by a brunette.
She, in turn, tried

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to conscience.
But not for him.
I felt that Olga laid out in order to impress me.
Take the barrel deeper in her mouth, she had no technical capabilities.
Sperm and sperm, which has become significantly thinning, and therefore more fluid, and accumulating saliva.
Places in the mouth was getting smaller.
My head, and a small part of the penis, literally bathed in the “original” font.

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The young woman’s tongue pleased my flesh as best I could.
And not in vain tried.
If it were still necessary to hold out and not to finish, I would have prevented the final.
But many factors spoke in favor of the fact that it is time to round out.
I allowed my body to completely relax, and with pleasure “injected” a little of my “creamy ingredient” into the existing “cocktail”.
The orgasm on the fresh, sea air was truly magnificent.
“Shot” quietly, with feeling, really, and placement.
He acted solidly and restrained.
As soon as he finished, he immediately left the oral cavity of his depraved personage.
She immediately swallowed the contents of her mouth in two sips.
For once not cope.
Slightly wrinkled, suppressing the gag reflex, and then drew a satisfied smile on her face.
Silently pulled me by the shaggy eggs to me, and quickly picked up the remnants of two kinds of juvenile seed from the trunk.
Finally she smacked me in the head, and with her hand hid my “farm” in shorts.
Then I rinsed my mouth with mineral water, a bottle of which I also initially took with me.
She chewed on a mint gum, and offered to disperse on the beds.
Kostya, who is in temporary prostration, went into the arms of the sleeping Anyuta first.
Olga and I almost immediately followed him.
When they settled down, she crawled under my flank, and whispered an excited confession in her ear: “Thank you, my sweet.”
You have no idea how I liked what you did to me.
I myself would never have dared to do that.
Do you think I can hand over the ticket tomorrow and stay for another week, eh? The end of the second part.
I appreciate every opinion, every one of you, and I will not leave a single letter without attention and response.
With respect to all of you, Alexander Kirilenko.
I present to you, dear readers, my new series of stories.
Wishes and ideas are accepted for further consideration, as pieces of an intriguing puzzle called “Gray weekdays of one student”.
Each chapter will be written on behalf of the next girl.
Berta turned around in surprise.
Fear and dumb question read in her eyes: What happened? Public webcam masturbation.

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