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But he had no experience.
The first time is always the case – excitement, some confusion, uncertainty.
Before him lay a real, lively girl.

And she has no desire to become his first woman.
Is it worth it at all ?.
But then he remembered his grief again.
He remembered his wound, a deep and still bleeding wound in his heart.
The confused physiognomy was replaced before the harsh, the last prizes of mercy and mercy vanished altogether.
The reaction of the German woman was natural, and after the blow, she turned her face away and quietly, indifferently, she bore tears.
When she saw the organ of her tormentor, the girl mentally imagined what kind of hell awaited her.
Very narrow, slightly wet entrance to her vagina.
It took a couple more seconds for the Kid to lose the last vestiges of excitement, indecision and confusion.
Instincts took over, and the guy slowly began to squeeze a member into a narrow pussy.
The German had already opened her mouth, but the Kid simply covered it with his hand.
Slowly but surely, he walked inside until he came across a fence.
– the Kid’s face broke into an ominous, but at the same time blissful smile.
It was pleasing not only that he, a virgin, fell for the first time to fuck a virgin.
He was too well read, and he knew very well that he could hurt her a lot.
He looked straight into her eyes.
Fear, entreaty, despair.
At the same time, a sense of hopelessness, in her eyes, as it were, was written, “I don’t care.
“She knew that she would be deprived of virginity, but she was already indifferent to this.
Everything happened in just a second.
The kid shook his hips sharply, and broke through the barrier.
The German woman arched, eyes wide open, eyes closed, there was a loud, mournful squeal.
She became a woman.
A red stain appeared on the sheet.
The kid stared at the result of his antics.
This turned out to be easier than expected.
Here he was embraced by some

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inexplicable feeling – as if all the past was left behind.

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War, resentment, bitterness, fear, fatigue, anger – all this was left far behind.
He became completely new, somehow different.
And the German roared in full.
She was hurt, not as physically as mentally.
No, the Russian was not at all disgusting to her.
He was even preferable to the others that were now in the living room.
But why!? Why so? Because they are winners? What is her fault? What did she do to this young soldier? For what? She would even surrender to him if the circumstances were different.
Yes, she liked him.
Young, strong, handsome.
But he took her by force.
Rude, coolly deprived her of the most expensive.
And most importantly, by quenching his thirst, he will throw it away like a broken doll.
She turned her head away and bitter tears streamed down her cheek, dissected by a recent blow.
The baby entered it again.
No reaction.
She just made a quiet, barely audible moan.
“You’ve got it narrowly here,” he thought, squeezing into a small vagina.
Gentle flesh reluctantly let through an unexpected guest.
Here the tip of the penis touched the uterus.
Not only that narrow, also short.
Having slightly suffered, the Kid took out the member, and then with a new force stuck it in the crotch.
The girl screamed plaintively, but then she calmed down.
She finally broke.
And he already took her by the hips and began to implant her on his stake.
She moaned to the rhythm, his every movement caused pain throughout his body.
It hurt the most under the stomach, and the perineum did not stop bleeding.
She tried to turn off, hoping to wake up after the end of this nightmare.
The kid accelerated the rate of penetration.
He felt he was going to finish now, and he wanted to cum into her, fill her without limit.
Only in this way retribution over all women in the world will be complete.
The narrow manda clasped his weapon tightly, this gave him a separate pleasure, for she was even more ill.
Then something rocked in him, as if all the energy was concentrated in one point of his body, he shook all over.
Hot, thick sperm taut jet hit deep into the perineum, into the very uterus, rapidly filling the small, exhausted girl’s cave.
The German woman squealed in horror, and snaked in her torn body.
The kid closed his eyes, wheezing deafly.
He’s a man.
A real man, just like a Senior, Maul and Nahal.
He did it.
After a long and exhausting struggle, he finally won.
Having let out a satisfied growl, the guy closed his eyes and collapsed next to a German woman who was bleeding from tears and blood, and from time to time bursting from hysterical crying.
The car rolled merrily in the direction of the dacha village, bringing our small company, consisting of Natasha, Fedor and me, closer to those pleasures that scrolled in different sequences in the minds of everyone. Reallifecam leora and paul sex.

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