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When lacy panties appeared, he began kissing the hips alternately and finally reached the pubis.
Continuing kisses, he began to slowly take off her panties, kissing the emerging dark curly hair, slightly protruding labia.
Marina began to moan and stroke Sergei on the head, then spread her legs and let his head and tongue go deep inside.

Sergey, using his tongue making movements in different directions, did not stop stroking his hips and stomach.
Marina started up and began to slightly move her hips in time with the movements of his head, not hesitating to moan loudly.
Laski continued for a long time, she felt that she could soon end.
Sergey interrupted kisses and caresses, quickly threw off his pants and panties, freed a long-standing tense body and, putting her legs on his shoulders, kneeling, sank him into the stupefying vagina with a sigh.
After 5 minutes, since the beginning of the accelerating intensive movements, Sergey sighed, trembled with his whole body, froze and sharply limp.
Marina waited until Sergei came out of her, in order to smooth out the embarrassment due to too short a period of sexual contact, said encouragingly – How you got hungry and got excited from prolonged abstinence !!! I’ll take a bath, put myself in order, otherwise it’s time

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to go home, to return to my family, to feed my people.

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Having closed in the bath and standing under the water jets, she smiled and tried to imagine a similar situation with the participation of her husband and wife Sergey, wondering how long her husband could last for the duration of the contact.
Having come to the conclusion that probably the same number, she laughed softly, pleased with herself and with the mission.
Wrapped in a towel, she went out into the hall. “As long as you clean up, I’ll rest for a while.”
Confused Sergei sideways out into the bath, for a long time heard the sound of pouring water.
Sergey in a towel, returned to the hall, offered a drink in a bouncy voice.
Marina managed to get dressed for this time, sat sipping wine with a smile.
Sergey poured into his glass and made a toast – For you, for your kindness and affection! – Marina continued with a smile, and for you, a seductive man who was able to seduce a married woman, intoxicate her with her sweet speeches and gallant courtship.
For the first time in my life I got carried away and lost my head.
Thank you, Serezhenka, for the pleasure delivered! – They still drank, ate fruit and Marina went to gather.
Giving a farewell kiss, she left the apartment and walked leisurely down the street, smiling at the experience of the adventure.
Then she dialed the number of mobile wife Sergei.
Hearing the cheerful voice of a friend, asked the question, “Well, how did you find a dolphin?” – Natalya, with a laugh, replied. Sex cam 11.

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