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But that’s another story.
PreambleI do not advocate “profanity”.
But here I will write in the “Russian national” language: not “we had oral sex,” not “he took my dick in his mouth,” but “he sucked my dick”; not “he entered me from behind,” but “he fucked me in the ass.”

Whom it jars, can not continue to read.
I’m not going to abuse the mat.
More sperm was not.
Vaska taught us a boy two years older than us.
We sat in a hut and pulled their pussies.
We were jealous of Vaska – thick white mucus was already oozing from him with miserly drops.
Vaska taught us: “- When the young man begins to walk, one must often masturbate so that he can walk well and not be sick.”
We looked at each other and only.
I fantasized, of course.
I didn’t remember who it was anymore.
Classmates? Neighbors? A year later, other fantasies began to appear.
In the courtyard was a plump boy, younger than me, quiet so, soft.
Nobody even offended him – it’s boring.
I imagined how I would invite him to visit (he will definitely go, no one is friends with him), then I urge him to suck me.
This is still a fantasy.
But in reality it turned out the opposite.

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I can not say that I was forced.
I just did not try to run away or fight.
There were two of them.
One is shorter, the second one is higher, one year older.
But the instigator was the youngest.
He sat down on the ground, I knelt in front of him, took a sticking pussy in my mouth, and slid up and down.
He shouted: “Come on, jerk off yet! Do not scratch your teeth!” He finished, ordered me to lick, kiss, say “thank you.”
If the first had only a “pussy” with an unopened prick, which fit in my mouth entirely, then the second had a puffy “prick” with swollen veins.
Dick already stood to his full height, he jerked off, looking at us.
The first one was surprised: “Wow, how healthy!” “- What is it?” – I thought, I had no less.
Dick did not fit into my mouth.
I just sucked the head.
Finished second quickly.
Obviously, this whole idea was not much fun for him, he only fell for his friend.
He complained: “- As now I will go – dick in panties does not intermeddle.”
“- Nothing! Hey, you! Suck again!” And I sucked.
The second time he did not make me suffer longer than the first, finished as quickly, also full, I did not have time to lick.
This story was later lost in a whirlwind of children’s impressions.
For many years there was nothing like that.
I worked in one company.
Computers were still very rare, we had few of them.
A lot of work.
I had to work in three shifts.
Nobody attached importance to the fact that the head of the department, Aleksey, and one young guy most often fell into the night.
Alexey was a prominent man, an Afghan

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