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And she climbed to hug, kissed my body, beat a cock stiffened by an erection, rolled testicles in her palm, played with hair on my pubic hair.
Suddenly, pain pierced me: Cleo quietly let the needle down with a long shiny red thread and pierced my nipple! Slowly, with moans, I pulled out the thread through the puncture and sewed on the second nipple, I was twitching, but was covered with kisses.
And she went to work! The ties lay on my chest, then my throat, she ran her thread through the delicate skin behind the ears, but when the needle pierced my nasal septum, right under the half mask, I twisted my head in despair.

And in vain! My head in the tension was immediately fixed to the hands twisted behind.
This is because you are so sweet with me, honey! The stencil of my body continued, there was no blood, but it hurt everywhere! Now the navel folds have been picked up on the thread, the skin of the back of the penis, the scrotum, and the like are hooked.
She pierced the bridle under the head and the thread dived there. Sex comics online read.

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