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Cheers, cheers, cheers! Long live the friendship! “Petka was whispering and whispering like crazy, and the first white drops began to appear on the surface of his red, even brown head.
Without saying a word, Misha also threw off his shorts and remained in the same T-shirt.
He no longer needed panties, with a spot of dried female urine.

He just wanted to masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, looking like his best friend does the same thing a meter from him! For the next five minutes, only the rapid breathing of two teenagers was heard, as well as the slurping and squishing sounds.
Friends stood next to each other, smiled, and, throwing their heads back up, pulled their members.
Both thought only of one thing: in the next room she sleeps, the one they both love so dearly, which they both worship, and which they so yearn for with their young, unripe members! The one for which they are ready to masturbate every day now.
Without hiding from each other their inclinations.
Summer was in full swing.
Before the beginning of the school year there was still a lot of time.
It is enough for two lovers of elderly female flesh to experience the brightest moments of their summer adventures.
And these adventures have just begun.
The two rearing members will display many more fantasies in order to gain access to the body of that one, in its 62 years, was so desired and loved! P.
There are many interesting things in life besides sex, but without it they are not interesting.
Life goes on.
I live now with my mother, then at home and while alone.
That is to say in the search for a new bride.
Again dating, friendship, sex.
For me, in the foreground is friendship, sex, and even better friendly sex.
In those days, this concept was simply absent.
The concept of sex in the Soviet period was as elementary as that of the Mongols – a skirt lifted, get married.
And nevertheless, pranking up with indiscriminate sex, I came to the conclusion that you need to look for a woman for yourself not just temperamental, but also with a beautiful vagina.

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As always, His Majesty the case, helped me to study this issue in more detail.
While working in a radio laboratory at one of the defense enterprises, the head of the department of metrology called me to myself and asked me to go to the women’s clinic that his wife visits and repair a couple of simple medical devices.
Blat and mutual assistance in those days was a driving force in the arrangement of life and health of all citizens of socialism.
– Well, Leonid Ivanovich, I will do everything as far as I can, I said, and just in case I asked for support on radio components, for which he gave his goods, and the next day I went on an unusual task the next morning.
It was then that I met my school friend.
We were not so friendly once, but we were always on good friendly terms and even tried to care for one girl.
– Hello, Sergey! I called a familiar voice.
I turned around, standing in front of me was a man in a medical gown with a bandage on his face.
His eyes are smiling, he waits in perplexity that I will recognize him and greet him.
“Excuse me, doctor, but even my mother will not recognize you in this blindfold,” I said.
-Ah, yes, something I today is a little distracted: He pulled the bandage down and I recognized my classmate, it was Tolya, by the youthful nickname Crest.
-Serga, how are you here? – I am here thanks to technical support, here is our motor takes you in tow, so to speak, I was sent to patch up your devices.
– Understood, it means that you first go to the head physician, and then to me, office 34, come in, just put on your dressing gown, cap and armband, this is our custom, especially now the flu.
Wow, I thought, maybe he works as a gynecologist? Tolya, where do you work? – Where, where: He smiled broadly and added, yes, yes there it is, come on Seryoga, come in, bending down to my ear, he added in a low voice, – I think it will be interesting to you, and went

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The equipment has really accumulated a lot, and their service specialist left half a year ago.
I called my boss and reported on the situation.
– Sergey, fix everything you can there, Leonid Ivanovich answered me by phone, now they will be in my debt, for that the machine of my wife will be under the best supervision, he laughed into the phone.
-It will take a little more than a week, I echoed, are you Leonid Ivanovich, will you throw me a prize? – Don’t worry, Sergei will throw in, get to work: Well, I thought, now we’ll see what women have pussies, so that’s lucky: In office 34 I found myself after analyzing the rubble, making lists of radio components and the first repaired endoscope. Sex full video online.

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