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Katya was struck by such demonstrative depravity, and she gasped when Sonya put her hand between her legs to get more fluids and lick her own fingers.
Bogdan stood behind Sonya and joined the game with her humiliation, hugging her and taking care of her breasts so that Katya could see it well.
It was very bold, even for Sonya, and she burst into paint, being an object of such indecent behavior, right in front of an unfamiliar woman.

While Bogdan caressed Sonya’s body, I turned her head towards me and presented her with a long, deep kiss, tasting the mixture of her juices and sperm of the guys from her lips and tongue.
Bogdan asked Katya if she could ever imagine that a young, innocent beautiful wife would allow herself to be used as a vessel for strangers’ sperm.
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only mind her hard nipples stand out through a swimsuit.
We paid attention to Katie, she did not answer us, but to our complete surprise, she slowly lowered the straps of the swimsuit until his top jumped off her huge breasts.
Now it was our turn to hold our breath from what we saw, when she showed us a pair of huge breasts, which, despite their size, were sticking forward and did not sag.
She had huge nipples with very large dark red halos, her nipples were extremely excited and stuck forward a good few centimeters.
Now it was her turn to blush with embarrassment, standing by three unfamiliar men and a whore, exposing her large, milky white breasts.
While we stood staring at her, she raised her hands up and began to massage her huge breasts.

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She went from just stroking her matte skin to pinching and twisting her enlarged nipples.
We watched as she began to breathe intermittently, groaned loudly and, as we believe, reached orgasm.
When her breathing calmed down, it dawned on her that she was exposed not only in front of us, but also in front of everyone who was nearby on the beach.
She immediately hid in the house, sliding the curtains behind her.
Soon the guys were gone, and Sonya and I tidied up and took a few nap hours.
When we got up, it was already the middle of the evening, and we settled down on the veranda, enjoying the last evening on the coast.
Sonia and I talked about this week’s sexual experiences, and she was surprised at how calmly I was with what she was doing.
I told her that this week I will never forget, and we will need a lot of vacations so that I can get the same pleasure in the future.
Sonya returned for something in the house and soon shouted to me that I hurried and came to her bedroom at the end of the house.
When Katya disappeared into the house, all the curtains on our side were pushed in, but now this side was open.
On this side was the bedroom of Katy and her husband, and, to our surprise, Katya and her husband were there.
The light was on in the room, although not very bright, but allowing us to see clearly everything that is happening there.
And the following happened there: naked Katya, saddling her husband, jumped on his penis.
Although none of them had a youthful beauty, the sight of how she tried to fuck him was extremely erotic.
Her incredible breasts swayed as she galloped up and down on him, and he very roughly squeezed her nipples.
Remembering her show on the terrace and looking at what was happening, it became clear that Kate loves her nipples to be tormented roughly.
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) Sonya thought that we should make her understand what we are seeing, and turned on the night light to give them the opportunity to notice us, looking in our direction.
Kate continued to ride on the penis, despite the fact that she carefully looked in our direction.
She completely disconnected.
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They were in profile towards us, and after a while, she got off him and located between his legs.
Her husband was half bald, but he had hair all over his body, had a decent beer belly and weighed at least 100 kg.
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