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Probably in everything at once: in the voice, in the movements, in the gait, in the acts, in the looks.
In her incomplete, then 19 years of age, female maturity appeared in her, such regality of the queen, confident in her every move – if you understand what I mean.
And she became in love.

can’t even describe.
If two years ago I barely asked her to undress her Sisi, and a year ago she had difficulty developing her narrow vagina, now she has become a real Cleopatra.
This naked rest of ours just transformed her.
We have never had such an erotic shock.
We copulated every day, daily experienced at least two orgasms, and more often – much more, especially me.
By the end of the holiday we were tired, exhausted – this “rest” exhausted us greatly.
We both lost weight even.
My mother, in her own way, correctly understood the reasons for our fatigue: “if you leave the young with each other, they won’t give rest to each other for two weeks” 🙂 I’m finishing up with this.
Ahead – two more stories about Dasha, very recent ones.
The time was already about 6 pm.
I stood on the platform and nervously tapped my fingers against each other.
A few more minutes and finally I can hug and

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kiss him, look into his eyes.
A couple of moments and the next day it is only mine, and I will not give it to anyone! A couple of moments, and during those minutes, everything I did in the last couple of days turned upside down! I begged my parents to go to the country, bought groceries and much more.
And now I see an iron face with empty transparent eyes.
And I know that he is behind him! The train was approaching, stopped.

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W Man, I’m nervous, and so my tummy got sick, I squatted down to somehow reduce the pain.
Oh, my nerves! Well, okay, as if I’m a fool, I sit, get up, straightened my bag, and start looking at the faces of passersby, looking for HIM! My shoelace is unleashed, here’s a bitch! Already what time, enrages! I go down, fasten and see someone’s legs in front of me.
Knees, above, hands, tummy.
Mummy! I jump.
We eagerly devour each other’s eyes, I want to hug, but we still have to wait a little longer.
No, I can not stand it! Hug, and he got me.
My eyes are getting wet, and not just my eyes! I do not believe that I am finally with him.
Smoothly straighten, and the type accidentally hurt his nose ear! I run it through my hair, hug my head and kiss! God I’m ready to finish right there! Inside everything is burning! Here, even the words do not need! We go, I hold him tightly by the hand, or he me.
I arrived a little earlier to inspect the area and I realized that in the ladies’ room the booths are slightly wider than in the men’s room.
And whisper in his ear what I want.
We go in, there is a cleaner, slyly looked at us and left, understanding aunt! We go to the farthest.
He leans against the wall and starts kissing eagerly.
I am burning.
I bite him, neatly, whispering that he is kissing well, that he has soft lips, and he, Mr. smile, is still smiling at me.
And this is enough for me.
He kisses me on the neck, I bend the back, and cuddle up against him, let out a sweet moan.
He quickly navigates and puts his hands on my chest, from which I sigh sharply and close my eyes.
The nipples immediately hardened, below the tummy the weight is so pleasant, and inside everything is already burning.
I stick it around with my hands, turn it over.
I lick the ear, tickling, laughing.
Kissing in the neck, hugging the shoulder blades, stroking my back.
Then I kiss again.
I put my hand on the waist.
I hug her, spend on the ass, and put it on my fly.
Wow Mmmm! I care about him.
Then I unbutton the belt, pants, run hands to the very gold.
And since I’m still nervous, I’m afraid to do something wrong, my hands are icy, and since he is already hot, I embrace him with my cold fingers and squeeze, my other hand on my back, and I feel a goose creep ran through it. Sexy blonde webcam.

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