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Then put a condom on a short dildo and smeared it.
– You will not help me? – Angelina asked with a smile, turning to Olga.
– Ofcourse honey.

With pleasure! – Olga set aside a cup of coffee and went up to Angelina in tight, squatted on her haunches.
Angelina crouched behind her hips.
Olga took the grease from her and squeezed her hand into her palm and began gently rubbing the woman’s sexual lips.
Nastya could not calmly look at it and parted her hips, thrust her palm under her dress.
Olga several times penetrated the gap of a woman and even dived with her finger in the ass.
Angelina closed her eyes with pleasure.
Her client fucked her fingers in the vagina and ass.
Grease has become more abundant.
Olga removed her fingers and taking the dildo put a short end to the entrance to the vagina of Angelina.
Angelina with her fingers parted her disgusting lips and began to sit down on the dildo.
Olga slowly and gently introduced the dildo to its full length to the place where it was attached to the panties and artificial testicles.
Then fastened the dildo to the panties.
Angelina straightened and walked up and down the room, waving her hips.
Olga returned to the sofa.
– Nastya, do you want this? We do not have this yet.
– Olga asked.
Nastya with a languid gaze caressed her clit.
– Yeah.
– breathed Nastya.
– And now let’s try it.
– Olga suggested.
– Nastya turn around.
Nastya turned over and knelt on the sofa seat and clapped her chest back, lifting her ass.
Olga lifted Nastya’s dress, exposing her buttocks.
She slid the strip of string into the side and slapped lightly on the buttock. Sexy video live play.

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