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I looked at her on the application page and suddenly noticed one thing, which is called “Sex Test”.
I opened this app and saw a few questions that needed to be answered in order for the program to make up your psychological moment.
I knew that this was a trick and that someone could read the test results, but that was what was needed.

And so he began to answer the questions of the questionnaire: The first question: “At what age did you have your first sex?”
I chose: “was not” The second question: “How many sexual partners have you had in your whole life?”
I chose the option “was not” The third question: “How often do you have sex?”.
I chose “not doing it.”
Then there were the questions “Do you have a girlfriend?”, Followed by “Write her last name and first name”, “did you cheat on her?” So having answered a number of questions, I approached the most interesting and provocative: “Do you now experience sexual dissatisfaction? “.
I replied “Yes.” “How often do you masturbate?”.
I chose “several times a day.” And then the key moment of the era of change came.
Gentlemen of the jury, forgive me for being such a pervert and lover of extreme sensations, but you can’t fix me: “What type of porn do you find most interesting?”.
I choose “Child sex” “What kind of sex do you want to experience?”.
I choose “Child sex” “Have you had sex with a man?”.
I choose “Yes.” Write your own penis size. ”
But a friend laughs :)) ”After reading this, I panicked.
I suddenly got scared of what I did.
But she, really from the police, but this is all serious. Webcam blonde nude.

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