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But he lowered, I squeezed harder, but he still lowered.
And suddenly he screamed – it hurts the bitch that you are doing fucking !!! An echo on the whole toilet has spread fucking-fucking-fucking.

Here it is – here it is the long-awaited loud, clear confession.
I heard some applause, and right on my cheeks.
Sick blows to the cheeks and at the same time I went along with these blows-applause and my long-awaited orgasm.
Yes, yes, yes fuck FUCK, I’m your whore – I give to everyone !!! Ebi, well, ebi is pretty, I’m yours.
Apparently I was screaming for real, because as I woke up I was all in a real orgasm.
I experienced great pleasure.
And this pleasure was only strengthened by the fact that I really found myself in the same position – the CANCER in which I began to get an orgasm in my dream.
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