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In my eighteen I did not yet have a woman, still could not establish a close relationship with the girls, and now because of Andrei’s illness, Lena was the only one of the opposite sex with whom I spoke.
The trouble brings people together faster than any sympathies and desires there.
Already standing at her house, I felt a grateful kiss on the cheek at parting.

In the evening, washing my face for the night, I did not allow the water to wash off the kissed place.
Thoughts one after another furrowed his head, depriving him of peace and driving away sleep.
Lena didn’t go from the head.
How could she be lonely alone now? It was today that I thought about her all day long, which seemed strange and unusual to me.
It was twelve o’clock in the morning, to get up early tomorrow, and I turned to the wall, making another attempt to fall asleep, when I suddenly heard a familiar voice over my ear.
I blew out of bed and turned around.
The voice of Andrei, which I could not confuse with any other, called from somewhere above.
I see only an empty room and the same empty ceiling.
Heard, dream of hearing? Or is the longing for a brother already creating illusory sounds? No wonder, because I missed him so much.
And then the voice of Andrew again pierces my ear.
“Sanya, get ready! She needs your help. ”
– Andrew, where are you? – I ask bewildered aloud.
Am I slowly losing my mind? “I’m with you.
But you can’t see me.
Just listen and trust me, ”Andrei dictates to me, then continues almost with an order.
“Please do not waste time.

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Run to Lena. ”
I never dressed so fast in my life.

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Fortunately, my mother is already asleep, and without her questioning I will literally fly out of the apartment to Lenka’s house, and I also get it swiftly.
She lives in the private sector, and in the windows of her small house is already dark.
I stop, figure out what to do next, as I hear a muffled scream aside.
I turn to the house bushes and see how a struggle is taking place near the fence in the grass thickets.
Nude female legs glisten noticeably in the darkness of the night and fight under a leaning male body.
Another cry, clearly drowned by someone’s palm.
Everything was boiling inside, I ran closer and saw how Shah was trying to pacify the Lenka lying beneath him.
With one hand, this scumbag squeezed her mouth, and the second, exposing her legs, was busy in her panties, climbing to the very inmost.
Blood rushes to the head, and anger gives strength to the hands.
In seconds I fly up to them.
“Get away from her,” and with a sharp movement I pull off the Shah from Lenka.
At the same time I notice the girl’s bare breasts and the way she quickly straightens the sundress torn on her chest and sips down his battered floors, hiding the snow-white panties.
Shah falls.
in the grass, but not for long.
Noticing that the hindrance to his plans is just me, quickly rises to his feet and moves menacingly towards me.
My eyes catch his loose trouser pants.
What is all this disgusting! – Hello, sucker, – says this brute.
– Well, mind you, he ran into himself.
– Do not touch Sasha! – the exclamation sounds from behind Lenkin, but Shah lets him pass, as well as his prayers to let her go a minute ago.
He is exactly ready to deal with me.
My anger was confidently supplanted by fear, and I feel myself covered in cold sweat.
I cannot cope with such a strong and hardened bull, like Shah, in disassembly.
“Squeeze your fists, bend your knees and transfer your body weight to your right leg” – the same voice sounds, at the call of which I was here in time.
“I will not succeed.
Andrei, he is too strong ”- a thought passes through in response.
“It will work out.
When you come close, sit down sharply and hit your right podhy.
Beat that there are forces. ”
The shah was already very close, but my hands were still lowered.
With all my appearance, I showed that I was not ready to fight, and he relaxed, grinned, stretched out in a supportive smile. Anime online sex.

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