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She laughed, at ease and easily.
I finished my glass of water and went out.
Since then, we constantly communicated with her in ICQ and on the phone, saw each other at parties, and there was always some understatement between us, but neither I nor she could have crossed this barrier.

I because she was a girl friend, and why is she? Perhaps because she is a girl, and waited for the first step from me, or maybe she just played.
Our communication has always been filled with a bunch of vulgar hints, but no vulgarity was said out loud.

The relationship with Svetka faded away after I called her Alice to one of our beautiful evenings of passion.
A long quarrel, a short reconciliation, sex, again a long quarrel, and now our relationship turned into hi-bye.
I missed her like a friend, but I saw that I had become unpleasant for her, and all attempts to return the old relationship were beating like waves on rocks, turning into sea dust.
“Finally,” Andryukha again approached me.
– The phenomenon of Christ to the people.

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The bridegroom was leaving the porch with a witness and parents.
“Fuck the suit,” I thought to myself.
Vadim looked really worthy of the word “groom”.
Tired of the heat, we received a cool Toyota saloon.
Andryukha sat with me in the back seat, and in the front sat some Vadimov relative with a good-natured smiling harey.
I immediately thought that they would definitely make friends with Andryukha.
And so it happened, the first bottle of brandy opened before redemption.
We drove a bit around the city, hummed, and now we were entering the bride’s courtyard.
At the entrance they are already met, Andryukha’s balabol and our singer Sanya Antipov immediately rushed to attack them, scattering in jokes, in response to what was the constant laughter of those around them.
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