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This indifferent “okay” can just kill a man! We entered the freight elevator (the operating room was on the top floor).
When the doors slammed shut, I felt that now was the right moment: twilight, we were alone (I did not consider the patient under a drip as a human unit), it’s time to take the bull by the horns.
If I had known how cold her heart was at that moment, how slow it was beating from my most ardent gaze, I would have thought three times before speaking! Listen, maybe we’ll go somewhere after work? – I suggested.

Ha! She grinned.
I froze.
My whole life depended on one word! The elevator rose with a crash, causing the medicine in the drip to start.
I flinched too.
Zhenka you have not grown up adults to invite for dinner! – she smiled, rolling out the stretcher into the corridor, – is free! Then I myself.
18 years is a difficult age.
In it, a person is still being formed as a person, and one wrong phrase, one wrong step can leave a terrible imprint on the rest of his life.
So it happened.
With her rude phrase, Lyuba at once killed in me both a man and a gentleman, turning her from an open, good-natured guy into a closed, eternally doubting herself, sometimes a person who hates himself.
I stopped looking women in the eyes, regardless of their age; He stopped talking to the nurses, turning from a “orderly for hire” into a lonely hospital rat.
Now, hearing laughter behind my back, I immediately thought it was laughing at me.

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But as soon as someone spoke to me, I was even more embarrassed.
However, I didn’t throw out Luba from my head, only now it seemed to me even more inaccessible, the queen of my dreams.
To myself in this kingdom, I assigned only the role of the unfortunate page.
It has been a few.
One day I drove empty bottles to the warehouse.
The entrance was through the dressing room, and, hesitated, I almost dropped the cart, opening the heavy door.
There were many cans, and it took me a lot of time to carefully arrange them on the shelves.
When I was about to leave, I heard the door slam: someone entered the dressing room.
Looking out of the warehouse through a tiny glass window, I saw Luba.
She had her back to me, and therefore, without fear of being noticed, I could shamelessly examine her from head to toe.
She looked around, then took off her white medical hat, pulled out the elastic from the tail, dissolving her luxurious blond hair.
The position of the spy was humiliating, and I already wanted to get out of my shelter, when suddenly the door slammed again, and after Lyuba

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, the head doctor Pavel Andreevich entered the dressing room.
It should be said separately about this person! He was far from being a young, bald man with glasses with thick glasses.
He was in charge of the department where we worked, and, apparently, was not a poor man.
The fact is that our hospital was nasty, and every patient, even if he could not give a bribe, tried to make the head physician as expensive an gift as possible so that he would be better treated.
As a result, Pavel Andreevich came to work on an expensive jeep.
However, what is he doing here? With some hostility and doubt, the head doctor examined the dressing room – a small room, the walls of which were covered with green tiles, and in the center was a large metal dressing table.
Apparently he didn’t have to be here often.
Okay, let’s do it quickly today, otherwise I have a lot of work.
He finally tiredly said.
If I had not seen it all with my own eyes, it would have been very difficult for me to present them together – this rusk didn’t bother with charming Anyone! Bongacams vip.

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