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My husband took my hand and put it on his pants, where his fighter rushed to freedom.
Realizing that I needed to do this with another “boy,” I grasped Leshinoy the handsome man and began to knead him.
Very little time passed, and I was already sitting in my blouse unbuttoned, and my chest was sticking out of my bra

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, and my nipples were burgundy with passionate hickeys.

Viktor and Lesha had members sticking out of their pants unbuttoned, and my hands were wet and slippery from their discharge.
In the lower abdomen a pleasant sweet heaviness began to accumulate, from which you lose all caution and the ability to think soberly.
Only one thought in my head is faster, faster to surrender.
I, not embarrassed anyone, offered to go upstairs to the bedroom.
When approaching the bed, the boys were already naked.
I managed to get rid of only the skirt and panties, as I was upset on the bed and kissed by both to stop breathing.
This is an incomparable feeling when two mouths alternately kiss lips, neck and nipples, and four hands continuously stroke and caress each part of the body, while plunging into the juicy pussy.
I was holding both members in my hands, while I managed to move the skins on them.
My pussy flowed so that I could feel the moisture running down the crotch on the ass.

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– Well, at least one of you have pity on me – I moaned.
“Boys” stopped, and Victor pushed Lech.
– Guest of the first.
“Vityusha is a friend,” and Alyosha spread his leg over mine.
I spread her legs wide and bent them in the knees.
Lesha leaned on me and rested a member in the bottom of my belly.
Although it was all wet, and his penis was also slippery with desire, but he still could not find the entrance.
I put my hand on Leshyn member and sent him into myself.
At Lehi, the fighter was clearly larger than that of her husband, but along our lubricant with him, he easily slipped inside me.
Because the member entered so easily, I had a feeling of incomplete filling of the vagina, not as it was then in the stairwell.
I arched in the back towards a member, and then a dull pain made me moan.
Lesha literally rammed the uterus with its end, and I convulsively recoiled.
It seemed to me that the member pushed not only the uterus, but everything inside me.
The heart felt tight in the chest, and it seemed to have squeezed and pounded feverishly, surrendering to the pushes in the temples.
But then the penis came out, a sweet languor swept over my pussy, and my body spontaneously moved to meet the new pain.
This time the pain was weaker and caused the already pleasantly swaying of the organs inside.
Lesha entered into a rhythm, and with each of his push hot waves rose from his belly to his head, slowly quenching the outside world for me.
My lover leaned on his elbows and dug a kiss into my neck.
To make it more convenient for him, I turned my head and saw that my husband, leaning on his elbow, was lying on his side and was massaging his handsome hand with his free hand.
He noticed my eyes, raised himself and put his handsome to my lips.
I opened my lips and pulled in a member.
The husband began to move his hips then, driving his handsome man almost down his throat, taking him out of my mouth. Cam free sex video.

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