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Liquid flames poured over my throat and rushed down the esophagus, pleasantly warming my whole body.
Angela climbed out from behind the curtain, and sat down next to us on a sleeping bag.
I handed her the bottle and let me take a few small sips.

Soon, Katya finished dressing up and turned off the blanket that was no longer needed.
Slightly withdrawn from the cold, we again resumed the conversation, occasionally sipping alcohol from the neck.

Mostly the children spoke, and my wife and I just listened to them, occasionally agreeing with them.
Fifteen minutes after the bottle was empty, I suddenly felt that the alcohol had an effect on me quite strongly.
Looking at Katya, I noticed that she was also unlucky, it was impossible to say that she was completely drunk, but her eyes were clearly glistening with an excess of alcohol.
However, our children seemed to be quite sober, although their fragile organisms had a much stronger effect on liquor.
Angela, just at that moment, constantly buzzing about the school, her friends and the latest fashion trends, suddenly abruptly changed the subject.
– Mom, it seems to me that I am not pretty and absolutely not attractive to boys from our school.
– What are you, dear.
– the language of my wife is a little stupid, – You’re a great girl!

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The boys are probably just shy of your beauty.
You have a beautiful face and an amazing figure.
True, Sergey? Kate looked at me, waiting for support.
– Yes! – I answered too quickly, – You become a very sexy girl who will drive any man crazy! – Oh, dad, you’re drunk.
– It is not excluded.
– under the general laughter, I laid on my back, putting my hands under my head, – But still I think that you are a very hot little thing.
At some point in the tent there was silence, Angela blushed.
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