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The girl clung to Shastar in the hope that death would be quick.
– Stand not be afraid, see, they are not going to attack you.
They are excited by the smell, the women they want her, don’t you see.

The two-headed mutant wail in a clumsy voice.
– See even I’m excited.
Mutant, pointing to his excitedly-disfigured member, who rocked from side to side.
– Listen, if they listen to you, order them to stop and do not come close.
He asked the mutant Shastar in hope of saving time.
– Your friend will help you.
The mutant said and the mob of monsters stopped five meters from them.
– Be affectionate with me, give me a girlfriend – And in return, I will help you.
– Agreed ,.
said Shastar, moving away from Druna in the direction of the door of the building.
– Hey, what the.
!!! Druna looked at Shastar in shock.
While Shastar was practicing with a lock on the door, the mutant approached Drune.
The girl looked in horror at the huge paws stretching in her direction.
two heads lustfully smiled as saliva flowed like a river, a member poured grease mixed with sperm into the river.
– Be gentle with me and I will help you.
The two-headed mutant was repeated, grabbing the girl’s fur chest with a long tongue walking around her neck and cheek, leaving a trail of disgustingly sticky saliva.
– Well, let’s not be shy.
Druna understood the hopelessness of her situation and put her hands on her shirt and pulled her over in the hope that Shastar would save her.
The very next second, Shastar turned around and hit the two-headed mutant with tentacles in one of the heads, and dragged Drona indoors with his good hand.
Immediately behind them, the door slammed shut.
Only the cries of the enraged mutant were heard.
Druna and Shastar fled along a long and dark corridor where occasionally there was very little light.

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Coming out of the building from the opposite side, Druna saw that they were at an impasse and right

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in front of them a small blockage.
– Druna help me disassemble the collapse, we are already in place.
For half an hour, they dismantled fragments of metal and stone mixed with rubbish.
– Here it is.
left as I left.
Said Shastar.
The blockage blocked the passage to a new, quite small building, in front of which stood the priest-judge closing the door.
Druna watched in horror as Shastar approached the priest.
When Shastar stood in front of the priest.
– Do not be afraid of Druna, although he is terrible, but not dangerous, do not be afraid to come.
Shastar said and pulled off the black robe from the priest.
What about him??? said Druna in disbelief.
Something appeared before her eyes.
Human bones framed in some places with metal and wires.
The human skull was also entangled with wires; instead of eyes, there was something that Oan had never seen before.
Eyes, like two round glasses, gleamed yellow.
– God what is it ??? Druna looked at it in bewilderment.
– I do not know what it is !!! But this is a priest, I accidentally found him and he himself experienced the fear of him for the first time, but he was already here for a long time, you see how the metal rusted.
– But this is some kind of absurdity, I do not understand what the hell is happening.
Shastar began to delve into his insides.
pulling the wires, he held them out to the lock on the door.
– Druna you remember the situation when the door to the priests always opened.
nor did they touch the castle.
– So I have solved this mystery, apparently they somehow betray the signals to the door and they open themselves.
– He still has energy and this will help us open the door.
Shastar shoved two bare wires into the lock, the door hissing back to the side.
– That’s all, send us the time the door opens for just a few seconds.
Druna flew into the room right behind Shastar, and the door slammed shut with a distinctive metallic sound.
“It’s so dark here!” scared Druna.
“Wait, it’s not for long.”
And then the light turned on, they turned out to be a completely round room with light walls under their feet in the floor, the sound of metal grinding.
And in the end, Druna felt her belly pulling down.
– Do you feel it too ??? Shastar asked, looking at the surprised Drona – Feel like we are very quickly elevated to the top – Our level far below our sectors behind us is not long. Dara on bongacams.

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