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In the evening, when the next six hours were over, and Lynn sobbed softly, feeling an insurmountable need, Alf finally said publicly: “Lynn, there is another way.
You didn’t let me finish last time.
– What is the way, Alf? – It is possible to stretch the dose of Melmacan cream of love for twenty-four hours.

– There is a possibility? Tell Alf! – Lynn’s face quickened.
– Instead of accepting the means with your throat, you can use your vagina.
I inject it directly into your body.
– That is, I must let you fuck myself.
Right, Alf? – E.
Well, yes, right! – Heck! Why not! After all, Herbert is something amazing.
Lynn sat down on the carpet, Alf stood in front of her.
From the fur of Alpha, Herbert’s small, bare head peeped out.
She didn’t move yet, and Lynn stretched her neck and began to lick her.

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That was what was required.
Immediately Herbert grew to six inches and began to trickle drop by drop onto Lynn’s tongue.
She greedily licked all the secretions.
– Lynn, lie on your back.
I have to prepare you for penetration! – said Alf.
Lynn put a pillow under her head and lay down on the carpet.
Alf settled in between her open legs.
Lynn lifted them and spread them apart.
With fingers of both hands, she took the edges of the genital lips and parted them.
The index finger, she began to play with the clitoris.
She groaned, and the juice of her vagina began to trickle out from the genital slit, flowing down to the wrinkled hole of the anus.
Alf assumed a comfortable position, and his strong tongue slid along Lynn’s crack.
– Oh, Alf! What a strange feeling! Alpha language described a circle on the genital lips, and then shifted to the red hair surrounding the region of the protruding clitoris.

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Alpha’s tongue was rough, like a cat’s, the feeling was as if the file was walking on her clitoris, and Lynn began to cry out.
She liked it, but she didn’t anticipate what pleasure the future would turn for her.
Alpha’s nose dug into Lynn’s clit, and his tongue wriggled in her ass.
He dived into her nest of love, wielding in him like a serpent’s sting, but penetrating much deeper, since his tongue was both long and strong.
– Umm! Baby, you, girl Earth, very tasty! – Alf described his impressions.
“Gloria is like an old tire compared to you, but you, Lynn, are like honey cake.”
I definitely like your taste! – Oh, Alf, I feel so wonderful!
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