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Now take me to bed, I don’t want to go myself.
While lying in bed, the Lady asked how the slave feels in the basement, Olka, who was assigned to observe the slave, replied that he was sleeping.
-Let gaining strength, tomorrow he will have a hard day.

Waking up, the lady breakfast, took the morning toilet and went down to the basement with two slaves.
Nikolai was already awake, he was lying and thinking how he could escape from this hell, but he could not think of anything yet.

His thoughts were interrupted by the switched on light, the Mistress came again accompanied by her slaves.
She sat down in a chair, ordering the cage to be opened.
Nikolai crawled out of it, rejoicing in freedom, he wanted to get up to stretch his numb joints, but was stopped by the mighty shout of the Mistress: -Who allowed you to rise from your knees, and kneel, I did not allow you.
Crawl to me on my belly, like a worm, I will tell you the rules that you will have to strictly follow.
Slave, crawled to the feet of his tormentor.

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Today Ekaterina Alekseevna was dressed all in white.
She was wearing a white short leather skirt, under which Nikolai saw white lace mini panties barely covering the Lady’s shaved pussy.
Under a white leather jacket was a white bra, wearing white gloves to the elbows of the finest leather, white boots were adorned on her legs.
In this outfit she was even more beautiful than yesterday.
“Well, now that the slave listen,” said the Lady, sticking a heel into the back of the slave with all her might.
Nikolai cried out from the pain that had pierced him.
Catherine turned the heel in the body of a slave.
“Be patient, the creature will have to repeat yesterday’s lesson, but it will be much worse,” with these words, the second heel dug into the back of the slave.
– Listen to me, scum and remember that I will tell you.
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