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So we still appear and hesitate! – Vika laughed.
Yeah, Sasha, we have such shy! – with a laugh Alena confirmed, having separated my hands.
What are you trying to cover up? – asked Olya with a smile, – Your scribble? Olya unceremoniously patted my pussy, forcing even more blush with embarrassment.

Such a ridiculous little thing, – Olga smiled, continuing to play with my pussy, – And what, in boys, does the scribble always end with such a proboscis? “We just did this proboscis recently,” Alena remarked.
Alena began to talk about the nurse’s visit and the recent procedure.
Look, – she turned to Ole, raising my pussy with her fingers, – You see, the skin almost does not pull off.
And how should she be delayed? – asked Vick in surprise.
Completely, – answered Alena, – Therefore, the nurse appointed Sasha a special procedure.
“A very simple procedure,” Natasha joined the conversation. “True, Sasha was so capricious.
First roared, and then you know what he did? What? – with a smile asked Sveta.
Launched a trickle! – laughed Alena.
The girls laughed together.
Standing naked in front of them, I wanted to fall under the ground from embarrassment.
Oh, and what am I going to show you now, girls! – suddenly said Alena.
Having quickly laid me on my back, Alena lifted my legs up to refusal.
Now Sasha will give you a free demonstration, ”she smiled, starting to tickle my testicles,“ How he knows how to let a fountain go. ”
Massage the baby’s lower abdomen if you want to make him pee, Natasha prompted, Do you remember how our babysitters taught us? Exactly, you first need to massage the tummy, – Alena agreed.
Putting my legs down, Alena began massaging my lower abdomen.
Less than half a minute, as I felt the rapidly growing urge for a little.
I will try to press harder, – said Alena, continuing to massage me.
The urge to write became so acute that I could barely endure.

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And for a long time you are going to do this massage for your baby? – ask Olya.
A minute or two? – Alyona asked Natasha, – It seems that those nannies said.
They said to watch the pisyunchik, ”Natasha smiled,“ If she starts to move, it means that she was able to cause a little urge in the child.
It seems stirred, – said Sveta, showing a finger between my legs.
I also noticed, – Vika smiled.
Then we will quickly lift the toddler up the legs, – said Alena.
Alyona jerked my legs up with a quick jerk, pressing

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my knees to my chest.
You can.
give me sashin pot? – She asked her older sister, – Put it in the priests.
On! – Natasha smiled, handing Alena a children’s pot.
And now what? – asked Olya, – Wait until she starts writing? Why just wait, – smiled Alena, – Now we will tickle Sasha a little bit to speed up the process.
Feeling the fingers of others behind my testicles, I shivered with painfully sharp tickling.
Letter-letter-letter, – began to gently sentence Alena, playing with her fingers with my testicles.
I struggled to struggle with a sharp urge.
How we are afraid of tickling! – Alena laughed, continuing to tickle me.
The kid jerks her legs so much when you touch his testicles, – smiled Olga.
How fidgeting and trying to dodge your fingers! – with a smile said Vika.
Well, Sasha? – Alain tenderly looked at me, – Will you let me have a trickle now? Full of jerking legs from the unbearable tickling, I could not resist and began to write.
Wow! – Olya laughed, – This is a fountain! I wonder what will happen if now tickle the boy? – Alena smiled slyly. – Will you let the trickle up even higher? Alena started tickling my testicles again.
Sasha needs to perform in this circus number, ”Olga said with a laugh,“ Okay, I’d just let the trickle go. ”
So he still with his legs jerking.
The girls laughed out loud.
I expected Alena to stop tickling me, but she continued to do it even after I stopped writing.
Stop torturing the boy, ”Natasha took pity on me,“ Can’t you see how he is trembling? ” And I want him to pee! – declared Alena.
Where else! – Natasha was indignant, – Look how he splashed everything for himself! It was necessary to keep the toddler pisyunchik instead of teasing him with tickling.
Just think, you sprinkled your legs, ”said Alena,“ Now I will wipe him everywhere. ”
Continuing to keep my legs up, Alena began to wipe me with wet napkins.
And the ass too, – she smiled, stuffing a napkin into my hole.
I could not resist and farted loudly, causing a general laugh.
And we also have a small bag between the legs, – Alena continued, unbearably tickling wiping my scrotum with a wet cloth, – As we immediately began to fidget and escape. Free nude cam girls.

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