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She was barefoot: a pedicure was shining on her legs.
I was wondering what she was thinking at that moment.
How she treats me after that night.

Does those minutes remember our tete-a-teta.
Does she think about us when she does this with her boyfriend?

I did not want that short scene between us to leave bad memories about us.
We stood in absolute silence.
Neither I nor she dared utter a word.
Lacked the courage to break the eternal silence.
Or perhaps there was simply nothing to say.
Here is what I could say to her at that moment: “Hello, chick! Can we repeat?
Or “Is there enough space for my stick under your robe?” And what could she tell me ?! Still, those intimate moments bound us more firmly shackles.
After what was between us, we became even more strangers to each other than we were before.
Therefore, the entire dialogue took place at a visual level: we looked into each other’s eyes and wondered what the interlocutor was thinking.
A minute has passed.
Her look changed a bit.
She no longer looked dumbfounded.

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She tried to look into my soul.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed how her breathing increased, how her luxurious bosom was rising.
I think one touch would be enough to feel the heart pounding in her chest.
Xenia was running around: the scene was awkward for her.
She wanted to fall through the ground and find herself in her own bed, to cover herself with a blanket and feel protected.
But I wondered if she wanted to be there alone or with a padded jacket.
For the first time since that night we have been alone for so long.
This could not but inspire relevant thoughts.
I am sure that her thoughts were in the same place as mine – in the bed behind this door.
I caught how Xenya held a tongue over her lips – the confusion was doing its job.
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