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I nodded again on the rack, and she obediently lay on the inclined board with my back up.
– Frozen? – I asked, overcoming weak resistance and fixing her hands in steel clips, – Nothing, now I will warm you up.
– What are you going to do with me? she asked in a trembling voice.

“It will depend on your behavior, dear,” I replied, and patted my cheek encouragingly.
– Just do not hit, please! – Yes, I will not touch you with a finger! – I absolutely sincerely promised, running my hand over the smooth skin of her ankle and forcing her to move her legs apart.

Having fixed them, I moved a little to one side, looked at my helpless victim and, putting the briefcase in its visibility zone, opened it.
Helen screamed.
Only now she realized that she was waiting.
In a small suitcase in special recesses lay my favorite sadomasochistic instrumentals – a long black twisted whip with intricate wire stitch, a seven-eaves whip, rolled up like an octopus, a large leather soldier’s belt and a rubber bludgeon.
Emphasized not hurrying, I laid it all in front of her on a small table and nodded at him – – Choose.

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Lena tried in vain to escape from the steel embrace of the rack.
She was close to panic.
– Please do not! – She pleaded, – I will do everything you say, just do not beat me.
– And I will not beat you.
I will smack you.
Choose! – I shouted at her, – Or should I choose myself? Lena was silent, carefully weighing up, from which her amazing young body can take the least damage.
I tried to guess the course of her thoughts.
She will reject the whip right away, just like the whip, they look very frightening, and the club is associated with various injuries, although I can be crippled only if I use it instead of a member (by the way, a good idea, but perhaps not for today’s show).
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