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The morning of the next day did not work out right from the start.
All fell out of the hands and pulling pain in the lower abdomen, constantly made itself felt, recalling the events of the past day.
And the work horror did not want to go.

And the mood was below the plinth.
But, having overpowered herself, she got ready and went to work, all the more so because today, according to rumors, the chief should arrive.
And she had a very serious conversation with him, after which she hoped to get very good money, rightly believing that they were worth it, for the information that was stored in her head.
Trouble began immediately.
The conductor on the bus, clinging to the retired granny that she didn’t have a travel card, screamed like sparse sprinkling saliva and waves of hatred around herself, trying to get her off the bus.
Unable to endure this mockery and these annoying screams Olga paid the fare for the granny.
Climbing the stairs to the main entrance of the office, I got a heel of new shoes in the snow cleaning grid and scratched it, ripping off the skin from it.
Thinking to himself about the carelessness of households.
department, which is too lazy to close this trap, because how much they talked about it.
In a word, she did not enter the department herself.
After greeting the guys, she walked in to her desk and, putting a handbag on it, tried to go around it, sit down and start work.

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But Sergei came up from behind, rudely ruffled her with one hand, launched the second into her crotch and, moving the jumper of her panties, grabbed hard at the still swollen and aching small sex lips, pressed them with his fingers.
Olga did not even twitch from bewilderment and surprise.
You are crazy? – she was surprised by a serious voice.
– Hands off! Do not fuck yourself, the director’s bedding – in a cheeky tone, he said, continuing with her rough matting.
– Now we will harry you when we want.
Close the front door and insert someone where you like.
And he looked around for support among the team.
Now Olga carefully looked at the guys.
Sasha was sitting on the edge of the table, folding his arms over his chest and smiling fiercely, oiling his eyes, undressing her.
Volodya was sitting at the table, his hands clasped on him and his head bent, staring silently at some point on the table.
“So it is clear, two“ for ”, with one abstention, – flashed through my head.
– But how did they know about the chef? And to hell with him, apparently there are no secrets in this gadyushnik.
Vovka always knows who, where, why.
Apparently this is no longer a secret. ”
And then she exploded! No, she did not shout and did not swing her arms, she did not even move.
It was just that the mind covered an icy whirlwind of rage, focusing the

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work of the brain and projecting the refracted light of ice into her eyes.
And listen to me, Seryozhenka, ”said Olga, with a honeyed voice, to the boy who had recoiled from her eyes and looked into those eyes.
You seem to be a programmer, you should be able to build logical chains.
What will happen if this managerial bedding goes to his ebar and, with tears in his eyes, tells you how, yesterday, with your boyfriends, you lured her to your home and there you cruelly raped her? Free online lesbian sex.

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