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He also began to have it in his mouth, not paying attention to the gag reflexes.
After Bald, it was somehow hard for me, and I could not bear it anymore when Kakk finished, but I had to work with my mouth for another 15 minutes, finally he finished.
I was very happy because my mouth was ready to fall off.

Almost immediately finished Athlete and Vitya choked on his sperm.
Bald again rummaged in the bag and took out the balls that are used in BDSM games.
I thought: Here all the bastards are with me.
They inserted them into our mouth and fastened them on the back of the head.
They told us to rest, for the time being, too, they would rest and go somewhere else, but we had to kneel with balls in our mouth and facial sperm.
They were not about 20 minutes, the sperm on my face dried up and began to tighten the skin.

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Finally they came back and said it was time to try our ass.
They asked how old we were, I answered – 18, and Victor – 17.
Kachok said: “Well, you can’t fuck one of you, but we will be happy to try an adult.”
I was gripped by fear, because they would fuck me.
They grabbed me and put me on my feet, I started screaming and begging for them to let me go, but they did not listen to me, instead they put the ball in my mouth again and started to take off my pants.
I tried to resist as best I could, but with my hands tied, it worked out badly.
They took off my jeans and panties to my knees, put them on my knees and bent forward.
Then they dragged Vitya to me and said to him: “Lick a friend’s hole, otherwise it will hurt her.”
Come on! Victor began reluctantly to lick my anus.

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Then he heard the order: Spit.
He spat in my hole and right there in my ass like a bur entered Kachny’s finger.
I began to moo, it became a little painful.
He told me to suffer and started to fuck with a finger.
After a while, he pulled out a finger and told Vita to lick the hole again.
He was even more reluctant to lick.
Then Kachok told me: – It’s time to open your hole.
I pushed Vitya and put my dick against my anus.
I started to twitch, but he firmly grabbed my buttocks and did not let go.
I felt his cock enter into me and began to moo even louder.
His head entered me, a sharp pain swept over.
He went even deeper and they pinned me down.
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