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I would like a logical conclusion.
All will be.

And we entered the pub.
There were few free tables, we sat down in one in the center.
The waitress immediately put a candle on the table and lit it, striking a lighter.
At this moment we were noticed by the bartender.
I completely forgot about him, although I heard many compliments in his address.
When a tall, fair-haired guy of unimaginable beauty came out from behind the bar and walked in our direction, everything grew together in my brain, everything fell into place.
Max got up, shook hands with the bartender.
Having told me that the bartender’s name is Tolik, he introduced me too.
Shreds stood behind.
Somewhat solemnly, he put his hands on my shoulders, bent down gracefully, and looked into my face: Max, why did you hide this beauty from me? I did not hear what Max replied, because Tolik’s unusually gentle hands suddenly, imperceptibly for Max, began to stroke my shoulders.
Very subtle movement of the fingers, and how nice.
The guys talked a few minutes about mutual acquaintances, about this and that.
Then they decided to go to the bar to choose what we drink today.
Max moved to the side of the rack first, and Tolik for a moment remained behind.
This moment was enough for him to gently run his hand over my chest, linger on the nipple, a few more movements – and I understood: it is not a matter of chance.
Departing from our table, he turned around and smiled broadly.
I also answered with a smile.

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A few minutes later we drank a wonderful mixture of martini and campari, it all stuck with seafood salad and chatted.
Across the hall, I caught on Tolik’s greedy eyes.
And I decided to start the game again.
A shred of my legs were clearly visible under the table.
I shook my knees from side to side, slightly pushing them apart.

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But I do not think that he could see something from such a distance.
I decided to act more actively.
Putting one hand under the table, I slightly rolled up the dress.
Then a little more.
A little bit more.
A look from behind the bar was directed to the right place.
A little bit more.
Oh-pa! From Tolik’s sagging jaw, I realized that he saw everything that I intended to show him.
I spread my legs even harder, lifted the dress for a second – a control shot to the head, then moved my knees and pulled the dress back to the end.
Our eyes met.
Tolik swallowed saliva and looked into my eyes with a stunned look.
After another couple of minutes, I announced to Max that I had to make wee-wee.
I got up, walked over to the bar, and asked Tolik where the toilet was, and he silently nodded me in the direction of a small passage.
I spun in front of the mirror and waited.
If I calculated everything correctly, in two minutes Tolik should have appeared here.
Leaving his workplace and getting to the toilet took him a minute more than I thought.
I stood leaning my ass on the sink when the door opened and in the doorway I saw his face.
He also nodded silently to me, offering to leave the toilet.
I followed him.
When I went out into the passage, he opened the door nearby, which turned out to be the entrance to the back room.
The problem was that this door was visible from the hall, and, most importantly, from the table at which Max missed.
Tolik beckoned me and quickly so leaked inside.
I squeezed my eyes shut, a bullet slipping through the overlooked distance and entered the stuffy and dark back room.
Shreds did not lose a second, as if in a hurry on a plane.
His lips found mine instantly, he immediately activated his tongue and began to explore my mouth.
I hugged him and wetly responded to his kiss.
He suddenly pulled away and quickly opened his trousers.
It was noticeable that he was excited and that he was in a hurry.
I touched his erect penis and to myself noted the size.
Here is a giant! Strong hands turned me around.
Tenderness disappeared somewhere.
Tolik pulled up my dress, lightly slapped on the ass, I heard him lick his finger, his hand slipped back between my legs and a wet finger penetrated my vagina.
With the second hand, he slightly pushed me forward, I took a step, leaned my elbow on some stand and bent.
I started stroking my clit with my finger and looked at what Tolik did.
Satisfied with the spectacle, he took a condom out of his pocket, broke the packaging with his teeth, pulled out a rubber band and with a quick and confident movement rolled it around the penis. Free watch online movies sex.

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