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For a moment I lowered her basin on the bed and took out my dick.
Dasha, taking advantage of the moment, stuck the rubber head inside, pushing the simulator deeper.
She opened her mouth in pain and pleasure.

A sigh of excitement fell from his lips.
Eyebrows joined, frowning forehead.

The simulator was clearly longer than my unit, possibly longer than any unit that had ever been in its gut.
I imagined how the pain diverged under the onslaught of a rubber toy.
I felt a little awkward.
I felt the pain of a girl and felt a bitter feeling of compassion.
On the other hand, the wild animal inside of me was glad to see the suffering on her face.
I wanted to hurt her.
Relentlessly and repeatedly.
Massaging a member, I introduced him to her ass again.
This time more rigidly, roughly.
I lifted her legs, put her shins on her shoulders, grabbed her hips and proceeded to the hellish flogging.
Dasha literally burned in a fierce flame of love.
She continued to pinch her nipples and manipulate a sex toy inside her pussy, bursting with lustful cries and groans.

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I thought, Xenia and Vitya, that they were supposedly sleeping in the next room, they would go crazy about the rattling of our bed and Dasha’s screams.
My roof is already slowly moving down.
But the peak of her screams was the cry of voluptuous “Yes, take me! More more! Deeper! Yes, so.
From this, my hell is heated by excitement.
I dug into her thighs, leaving bruises, and, what was the strength, lifted her anus.
Dasha moaned more than ever.
“Yes, honey, fuck me! Tougher! ”I added the heat.
Slaps sounded to her moans.
Sweat flowed in three streams.
Our passionate bodies were wet, as if poured from a bucket.
Dasha worked hard with the hand in which she squeezed the dildo.
She seemed to want herself so that she would tear her own vagina with an awkward movement.
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