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She came to him in the same closed body, removed the cream, poured the cream back.
Her finger was already actively developing Roberto’s hairy anus, preparing him, kneading before the fight.
The next time Vika brought a soft strapon with her, empty inside.

During sex, she was often excited – it became more and more difficult to hide an erection under the body.
The pod entered the strapon completely and stayed there all the time while she was riding a horse.
“I have more,” Roberto joked, comparing the length of their members.
She smiled back and drew the letters in the air: “BDSM”.
Then she put a blindfold on him and tied her hands behind her back.
Roberto was not against.
He learned to swallow and forget.
Learned to have sex on the principle of “you – me, I – you.”
“Once,” he hoped, “she will want to keep my seed in me.”
Instead, Vika shot a strapon and quietly drove the dirty whore to walk in a condom.

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Then, slowly, she got a virgin for her.
The whore squished a broken vagina, sniffing, thrusting dirty fingers into the current crotch, sticking out a huge wart-clitoris.
There, behind the rubber glass of a condom, the caring mistress worked with her mouth to get her an innocent young man.
When Vika brought them together in her mouth, the whore gave the teenager wet kisses, sucking and licking his young penis, rubbing her virgin anus with black long nails.
Having corrupted the young man, she pulled up the hem of her skirt higher, exposing a fat cellulite ass battered by thousands of clients, and went down with the young lover along the rope ladder into Roberto’s stomach.
If not for the mad love for her, Roberto would have stopped long ago.
Vika was becoming more and more aggressive each time.

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Now she fucked him with a strapon for half an hour.
He finished in the first five minutes, then came her turn.
When she finished, she fell to the ground, exhausted but pleased.
His anus was buzzing like a water pipe.
At such moments he was thinking about how to get Vika to seek help from a psychologist.
What he did not know and could not know, was that she no longer used strapon.
While he was lying with his hands and eyes tied, she lubricated his trained ass, threw her skirts – him and his – until the end unzipped the body and enjoyed all the privileges of the weak half.
Gay thai model sex.

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